Many Came Here In Their Autos

W. F. Stieglitz said last night that in his trips to the towns in contiguous territory the success of the fair and jubilee was the principal topic of discussion, the large attendance being emphasized.

The traveling was done by both train and automobile, the use of the automobile bill being very general. At Blaney the cars in route to Columbia being so numerous residents made a count lasting about four hours during which time 540 automobiles went by the record was not complete for the day, but the stream seemed to have been unbroken, so that the people told Mr. Stieglitz that they felt certain that more than 700 automobiles had passed the spot in question during Wednesday.

Blaney is situated on the Camden road between Columbia. Travelers from as far as Sumter pass there en route to Columbia.

October 31, 1915  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 5

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