The Richland-Capitol City Benevolent society meets October 7 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. C. Boling on Sumter street. This is the first fall meeting and a large attendance is requested.

Arthur Lemons has returned from Bath and will make his home here.

Youthful Ora Muse is spending the weekend with her grandparents in Bookland.

H. L. Hamilton has accepted a position with Richland mill as paymaster, succeeding E. M. Muse. The people were very sorry to lose Mr. Muse, as he was esteemed very highly by all. Saturday morning he was presented with a traveling bag with a silver plate, bearing the inscription, “From the Employes of Richland Mill to E. M. Muse, Paymaster, Oct. 1, 1915.”

Mrs. J. S. McMims has moved from Moore avenue to Palmetto lane.

Mrs. Ruth Joyner of Blaney is visiting her aunt, Miss Lucy Collins, at the home of Mrs. Gruber of Marion street.

Mrs. W. D. Ingle of Bath arrived Saturday morning to spend a few days with Mrs. Bolling on Sumter street.

Little Ruth Whittle was operated on at the Clinic Friday.

T. N. Reaves has accepted a position as foreman in the spinning room at Richland and has moved his family in the house formerly occupied by M. H. McLendon.

Mr. A Loyal has moved from Lower street to 126 Sumter.

Miss Cathleen Hatchel is spending the weekend with Mrs. Ethel Beam.

Little Vernell McLendon gave a birthday party on her fifth birthday. There was about 20 little tots present. After games had been played ice cream and cake was served.

News was received in Columbia of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Danner, of Charlotte, North Carolina, Mrs. Danner is remembered very pleasantly here as Mrs. Emma Smith, and for some time was organist at Southside Baptist church.

October 3, 1915  State (published as THE COLUMBIA RECORD) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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