Fight To Settle Feeling Like Good Old Days

An account of a free-for-all fight in Magistrate C. E. Henson’s office at Blaney Wednesday morning reached Columbia by telephone later in the day. According to the information, no one was injured seriously, but there resulted several bloody noses and facial bruises. While the fight was in progress at the magistrate’s office in the Knights of Pythias hall, the people of the community realized that Europe and Mexico were not the only scenes of discord. The names of the participants given over the telephone were J. A. Nelson, Rex Nelson, M. C. Nelson and Jesse Nelson, A. B. Watts, J. S. Brannon, Boyston Brannon, Dick Brannon. The men went at it hammer and tongs and fair fist and skull and the battle was furious.

A magisterial trial precede the clash. For several weeks there had been feeling between the Nelson and Brannon families, it was said. A few days ago J. A. Nelson received a letter that offended him and this served to further kindle the fires. He had a warrant issued for Sam and Boykin Brannon. At the trial Wednesday the magistrate was convinced that the accused men were not guilty and suggested that if further action was desire a second warrant naming another must be asked for.

Someone in the crowded courtroom suggest that legal steps be abandoned and satisfaction obtained in the primitive fashion and then the battle was on. In a few minutes things subsided and it appeared that everybody felt better. About five or six of the participants showed that they had spilt blood.

March 24, 1915  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 3

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