Appointments Are Made By Governor

A number of important appointments were made by Governor Blease and notices filed Wednesday in the office of secretary of state. W. L. Hyer, of Ladson, was appointed magistrate for Berkeley county for the term provided by law to fill the vacancy made by the resignation of Magistrate Rhame Cannon. Dr. J. M. Oliver, of Orangeburg, was appointed a member of the county dispensary board … Continue reading Appointments Are Made By Governor

Old Santa’s Letter Box

Dear Santa Clause: – I want you to please bring me a little stove a doll bed and a cart. And please bring me some fruit too.Your little friend, Maude Estes.Princeton, S. C., Dec. 17, 1914. Dear Santa Claus: –I want you to bring me a ball a pair of gloves and some candy nuts and fruits. Your little friend,Merrett Arnold. Age 11.Princeton, S. C., … Continue reading Old Santa’s Letter Box