Names Election Commissioners

Governor Appoints Two Sets in Each County.


Richland appointees are Messrs. Colcock, Willson, Blackburn, Graydon, Howell and Hope.

The governor has appointed federal and State commissioners of election in each of the 44 counties of the State, Union excepted, the appointments being made in accordance with section 232, volume 1, code of lawe, 1912. There are three commissioners of election in each county for governor, lieutenant governor, State officers, member of the general assembly and county officers, and also three commissioners of election for presidential electors and members of congress, this including also United States senator.

R. M. McCown, secretary of state, will commission the appointees. The following were named in each of the 48 counties:

Abbeville – Federal, F. W. R. Nance, W. E. Morrison, W. P. Beard, all of Abbeville; State, Hugh Wilson, J. E. Jones, John Brown, all of Abbeville.

Aiken – Federal, D. W. Gaston, Jr., of Aiken, John G. Harris of Langley, John May of Graniteville; State, H. Claud Sawyer of Monetta, M. Bennett Smith of Langley, F. P. Turner of Graniteville.

Anderson – Federal, V. B. Cheshire and C. E. Tolly of Anderson, W. H. Cheshire of Belton; State, W. A. Hudgins of Anderson, J. Casper Ragsdale of Palmer, H. C. Summers, Sr., of Austin.

Bamberg – Federal, G. E. Bamberg of Bamberg, G. E. Hutto of Midway, J. H. White of Denmark; State, J. Wesley Crum of Denmark, I. W. Carter of Elhrhardt, A. G. W. Hill of Branchville.

Barnwell – Federal, C. Arthur Best and Harroll Simms of Barnwell, H. F. Dulet of Blackville; State, Noris Maning and Robert C. Holman of Barnwell, Thos. F. Hogg of Kline.

Beaufort – Federal, THomas Talbird of Beaufort, Jim G. Verdier of Pritchardville, J. C. Bailey of Okates; State, C. B. Preacher of Beaufort, J. S. Cogburn, Sr., of Hardeeville, J. A. Coller of Okates

Berkeley – Federal, W. M. Dennis of Macbeth, J. E. Bailey of Wren, John O. Edwards of Moncks Corner; State, A. M. Tengborg of Pineville, D. M. DeHay of Pinopolis, Samuel Mitchum of Bethers.

Calhoun – Federal, H. C. Pauling and P. F. Spigner of St. Matthews, W. P. Shirer of Lone Star; State, J. G. Stabler, T. H. Murph, A. R. Able, all of St. Matthews.

Charleston – Federal, W. Turner Logan, J. Duncan Adams, James Sottile, all of Charleston; State, Norris Lynah, Aiken Rhett Wieters and A. W. Wieters, all of Charleston.

Cherokee – Federal, J. H. Buice, L. T. Vinesett and Bonner McCraw, all of Gaffney; State, R. A. Dobson and T. Davenport of Gaffney, Smith Rains of Cherokee Falls.

Chester – Federal, L. McD. Hood, W. H. Newbold, N. H. Stone, all of Chester; State, W. L. Bradford and S. M. Porter of Chester, John R. Page of Lowryville.

Chesterfield – Federal, S. T. A. McManus, E. G. Ingram, both of Cheraw, Dr. A. A. McManus of McBee; State, A. W Hursey and B. C. Moore of Chesterfield, William Riser of Pageland.

Clarendon – Federal, John R. Dingle of Summerton, S. W. McIntosh of Workman, R. H. Davis of Manning; State, E. S. Ervin of Manning, T. M. Heard of Turbeville, T. B. Hodge of Pinewood.

Colleton – Federal, C. J. Cone of Lodge, D. B. Peurifoy and H. W. Black, Jr., of Walterboro; State, J. S. Padgett of Smoak, A. Q. Padgett and J. E. More of Walterboro.

Darlington – Federal, C. Alexander and J. P. Kirven of Darlington, R. J. Scarborough of Lamar; State, J. T. Howles of Hartsville, G. Walter Abbott and W. A. Dowling, both of Darlington.

Dillon – Federal, William Murchison, M. S. Britt and Frank Page, all of Dillon; State, L. A. Mannig, Jr., Tracey E. Fore and Enoch Ayers, all of Dillon.

Dorchester – Federal, Joseph Murray of St. George, T. M. Finucan of Summerville and R. M. Limehouse of Ridgeville; State, A. J. Limehouse of Sumerville, M. G. Rumph of Pregnall, M. L. Smoak of Reevesville.

Edgefield – Federal, W. H. Rhoden of Johnston, J. H. Paul and John Bryant of Edgefield; State, Nance Rhoden of Johnston, E. W. Samuels of Edgefield, C. Ward of Trenton.

Fairfield – Federal, G. W. Ragsdale, C. G. Tennant, D. L. Stevenson, all of Winnsboro; State, A. M. Owens, F. R. McMackin, W. A. Hood, all of Winnsboro.

Florence – Federal, B. F. Turner of Coward, Bernard A. Early and D. Gordon Baker of Florence; State, J. C. Davis of Mars Bluff, T. P. Brown of Scranton and E. Wilis of Olanta.

Georgetown – Federal, D. R. Rogers of Andrews, T. D. Farbes and S. E. Mercer of Georgetown; State, R. P. Shuford, S. J. Huggins, H. S. Higgins, all of Georgetown.

Greenwood – Federal, Wells A. Riley of Greenwood, G. M. Kinard of Epworth, J. C. Chalmers of Ware Shoals; State, P. D. Klugh, R. L. Golden, both of Greenwood; W. H. Leith of Hodges.

Greenville – Federal, C. D. Smith of Fountian Inn, Oscar K. Mauldin and D. W. Smoak, both of Greenville; State, H. C. McKnight, J. H. Trammell, J. E. Knight, all of Greenville.

Hampton – Federal, G. M. DeLoach of Early Branch, C. S. Blocker and F. W. Rodgers, both of Hampton; State, J. B. Rivers of Hampton, W. T. Hamilton of Gifford, I. M. Shuman of Varnville.

Horry – Federal, W. C. Singleton, W. E. McCord, George L. Marsh, all of Conway; State, A. McG. Small of Nichols. W. N. Gerald of Loris. M.N. Sessions of Conway.

Jasper – Federal, C. E. Perry, T. H. Howard, W. H. Taylor, all of Ridgeland; State, T. N. Thomas of Pineland, George B. Conniffe of Tillman, S. B. Owens of Ridgeland.

Kershaw – Federal, J. A. Grigsby of Blaney, D. G. Fletcher of Westville, W. C. Cunningham of Liberty Hill; State, Joe Hough of Bethune, J. S. Brown and R. L. Pate, both of Camden.

Lancaster – Federal, G. Washington Williams, J. A. House, John E. Porter, all of Lancaster; State, J. E. Rutledge, H. R. Blakeney, L. P. Clyburn, all of Lancaster.

Laurens – Federal, L. B. Blease of Mountville, Henry Wright of Laurens, G. W. Hunter of Clinton; State, J. C. McMillan of Renno, E. Y. McQuown of Clinton, J. E. Ledford of Laurens.

Lee – Federal, B. Frank Kelley of Bishopville, J. A. Rhame of Lynchburg, J. Z. Watson of Lucknow; State, R. L. DuRant, Henry Gatling and J. Manly Smith, all of Bishopville.

Lexington – Federal, W. Q. Jackson of Swansea, Jim Mims of New Brookland, O. L. Mayer of Peak; State, J. B. Goodwin of Gaston, W. B. Taylor and Frank L. Corley of Lexington.

Marion – Federal, R. L. Stackhouse of Mullins, T. L. Stackhouse and W. T. Evans of Marion; State, W. M. Perritt of Mullins, Mat P. Smith and Neill L. Alford of Marion.

Marlboro – Federal, J. D. Edens of Clio, J. P. Gibson and J. P. Henegan of Bennettsville; State, S. P. Wright, Buford Jackson, John Townsend, all of Bennettsville.

Newberry – Federal, Harry W. Dominick, L. A. Tew, Charles W. Douglas, all of Newberry; State, J. P. Harmon of Prosperity, J. Oliver Havird of Newberry, John G. Helder of Whitmire.

Oconee – Federal, L. D. Bearden of Westminster, C. R. D. Burns and M. C. Long of Walhalla; State, W. M. Cobb of Walhalla, Robert H. Boyd of Seneca, George W. Watson of Newry.

Orangeburg – Federal, C. J. Rast, U. G. Bryant and Thos. F. Brantley of Orangeburg; State, John F. Blanche, W. S. Barton, Jr., N. W. Werts, all of Orangeburg.

Pickens – Federal, J. T. Richey, Jr., of Pickens, Elias Day and J. A. Hinton of Easley; State, John E. Craig of Easley, T. L. Bivens of Pickens, R. G. Gaines of Central.

Richland – Federal, Charles J. Colcock, W. Jeese Willison, WIlliam Blackburn, all of Columbia; State, C. T. Graydon, George Howell, Zeb Hope, all of Columbia.

Saluda – Federal, J. B. Dominil of Prosperity, Robert Blease and M. A. Coleman of Saluda; State, D. P. McCarty, B. Frank Forrest, W. A. Webb, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg – Federal, Sam J. Nicholls, B. G. Landrum, C. L. JOhnston, all of Spartanburg; State, Jack Bates, Ed Williams, Joe McGee, all of Spartanburg.

Sumter – Federal, H. C. Cutting, C. E. Jones, J. W. Harper, all of Sumter; State, J. E. DuPre, M. H. White, W. W. Green, all of Sumter.

Union – No appointments announced.

Williamsburg – Federal, Edward L. Hirsch, H. A. Meyer, L. P. Kinder, all of Kingstree; State, John. G. Barron of Johnsonville, P. A. Alsbrook and W. A. Hanks of Kingstree.

York – Federal, J. A. C. Love of Clover, W. B. Byers and G. Pet Smith of Rock Hill; State, I. J. Campbell of Clover, J. Brown Nell of Filbert and Louis Grist of Yorkville.

September 27, 1914  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Legislative Acts/Legislative Proceedings  Issue 8497  Page 12

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