Names Election Commissioners

Governor Appoints Two Sets in Each County. ONE BOARD “FEDERAL” Richland appointees are Messrs. Colcock, Willson, Blackburn, Graydon, Howell and Hope. The governor has appointed federal and State commissioners of election in each of the 44 counties of the State, Union excepted, the appointments being made in accordance with section 232, volume 1, code of lawe, 1912. There are three commissioners of election in each … Continue reading Names Election Commissioners

Amanda Goff Brown

1853 Amanda Goff was born on 07 Mar 1853 in South Carolina, USA a child of William G. Goff and Mary Miles. She had nine siblings, namely: Julia Goff, William Preston Goff, John Singleton Goff, Eli Hinson Goff, Henry Washington Goff, Andrew Vincent Goff, Nancy Emerline Goff, Susanna Ann Goff, and Martha Matilda Goff.  1860 Census Information Amanda Goff as counted in the census on … Continue reading Amanda Goff Brown