More Than 200 have Accepted The Invitations

Merchants Jubilee Promises to be Largely Attended this Week

Last night at 9 o’clock more than 200 acceptances of invitation to the Merchants’ Jubilee had been received by R. W. Holcombe, secretary of the chamber of commerce. The Jubilee will be held in Columbia, August 11 and 12.

The invitations, reading as follows, set out the aims and purposes of the occasion:

“We want you tom come and let us show you how much we think of you. That is the reason for the Jubilee. We want you to know us. We want to know you. We believe that such personal contact will be to our mutual benefit. Those two days will be one big party. There’ll be a barbecue – a luncheon – a banquet- ball games – automobile rides – shows- for you. It’s all on us. There’ll be a big ‘WELCOME’ ritten on the mat at Columbia’s door. We will meet you at the train and turn the keys of the city over to you. Bring any of the boys at the store. They’ll be as welcomed as can be. Remeber the dates – August 11 and 12. WE WANT YOU.”

The following are expected to be among the visitors during the Jubilee, they having signified their acceptance of the invitations:
J. N. Holcombe, Annie Page, Mary Pate, Miller P. Nicholas, Bessie Wilson, and John W. Page, Crossett, Va.; J. L. Crahm, Pomaria; H. J. Rawl, Prosperity; G. D. Bedenbaugh, Prosperity; B. B. Hair, Prosperity; J. J. Amick, H. O. Amick, Chappells; Minjus Justice, Tryon, N. C.; J. L. Simmons, Chester; U. L. Mathis, Prosperity; Webb E. Henty, Pomaria; S. H. Ross, Blaney; J. B. Grubbs, Hilda; E. J. Richardson, Wagenger; J. M. Fox, Wagenger; J. L. Haralson, Neeses; G. F. Gibson, Norway; W. E. Jefcoat, J. F. Bates, W. E. Roswell, Norway; C. S. Rutland, Norway; B. O. Salley, Norway; J. F. Lancaster, Govan; B. E. Williams, Swansea; P. H. Starr, Olar; M. V. B. Sanders, Olar; A. F. Morris, Olar; Bolin & Caughman, Neeses; W. H. Thompson, Eastover; S. Wienberg & B. A. Wienberg, Wedgefield; J. M. Gates, Eastover; Chas. T. Smith, Hopkins; J. B. Williams, Gadsden: J. A. Thomas, Atkins; W. D. Ryan, Wedgefield; W. J. Nunnery, Wedgefield; Brooks Brown, Norman Raines, Blythewood; F. B. Funter, Ridge Spring; G. Olin Smith, Barr; B. H. Covington, Jacobs; S. J. Riddle, A. A. Ree, J. C. Price, Ballentine; S. A. Mathias, Irmo; H. H. Hinnant, Bookaman; Burley Bros., Monticello; Prosperity Hardware Co., Prosperity; B. H. Yarborough, W. T. Glenn, Jenkinsville; J. L. Cook, Pomaria; L. M. Blaire, Blairs; S. M. Johnson, Camden; John G. Wolling, Jr., Shelton; W. H. Oliver, Ruby; W. T. Steen and clerk, Ruby; J. J. Hood, Blenheim; J. E. Turkett, Wallaceville; Williams & Williams, Seivern: M. D. Corley, Denmark; Taylor & Whitworth, J. L. Boozer, Newberry; E. W. Werts, Prosperity; J. C. Kinard, Prosperity; Howard Morrell, Horrell Hill; T. A. Murrah, Union; G. C. Sease, Rock Hill; A. Homer Brice, Woodward; J. P. Wilson, Lexington; W. H. Cain, Denmark; Mrs. Mary Hutto, Pessy; L. J. Way Eutawville; J. D. Autty, St. Matthews; D. A. Boyd, Kingville; M. Milier, Wagener; J. J. Senn, Newberry; C. G. Gantt, Pelion; J. H. Walker, Denmark; J. T. Jefcoat, Swansea; J. F. Fallow, Gaston; W. B. Hutto, Swansea; C. C. Justice, Woodford; G. W. Lindler, Chapin; W. E. Blaine, Woodford; M. J. Caughman, New Brookland; W. D. Barrett, Camden; L. W. Myers, Hagood; John B. Crawford, Saluda; Rice B. Harman, Lexington; F. M. Clark, Winnsboro; W. B. Porter, Winnsboro; Wolling & Fletcher, Winnsboro; J. C. P. Lorick, Blythewood; S. C. Willingham, Winnsboro; W. H. Willingham, Winnsboro; Ioor Hayes, Gilbert; Wilbur Hartley, Monetta; L. J. Sharp, Blaney; R. B. Gay, Jefferson; H. H.Holder, Bethune; Samuel B. George, Lexington; G. A. Cumalander, Chapin; D. B. Johnson, Rock Hill; W. E. Bailey, Jacobs; Evans Bro., Blaney; G. W. Rikard, Batesburg; Eugene W. Able, Saluda; T. E. Sease, Gilbert; M. W. Fox & Son., J. F. Fallaw, Gadsden; Baughn Dry Goods Co., Swansea; Rast & Barn, Swansea; R. W. Poole, Neeses; D. T. Godfrey, Goldville; D. T. Dorroh, Gray Court; J. G. Haile, Goldville; C. A. Nash, Fountain Inn; P. W. Price, Barnwell; C. H. Reese, Congaree; G. B. Harley; Gillespie & Hughes, Claremont; Jesse T. Ross, Blaney; S. W. Rose, Columbia; A. J. Rose, Blaney; W. W. Miller, Jefferson; J. E. Reese, Congaree; Ducker & Bultman, Sumter; F. F. Bibb, Lexington; Dr. J. J. Bedenbaugh, Prosperity; State College orangeburg; F. J. Buyck, St. Matthews; W. O. Hancock, Bishopville; A. J. Wherry, Lewis Turnout; W. W. Smith, Lynchburg; Huit Strother, Chesterfield; H. J. Sellers Co., Chesterfield; D. O. Rhame, Summerton; T. E. Dowling, Saluda; W. L. Harrelson, Marion; C. R. Cassady, Bethune; W. :. Jones, Lugoff; H. F. Hendrix, Leesville; C. D. Barr, Leesville; J. C. Witt, North; J. H. Brooks, Due West; A. G. Wise, Prosperity; W. B. Williams, Chapin; W. A. Wessinger, Chapin; M. A. Chapin, Neeses; H. L. Matthews, Leesville; E. C. Clark, Chapin; G. W. Arrant, Hopkins: J. A. Sossaman, Jefferson; L. M. Blair, Blair; J. S. Swygert, R. R. Shedd, Jenkinsville; J. F. Gormaugh, Jenkinsville; Miller Bros., Prosperity; W. T. Smith, Camden; J. B. Shealey, White Rock; The Lorick Co., Irmo; W. E. Lorick, Irmo; Julian Sharpe, Edmund; H. W. Northcutt, Bethune; J. F. Fallaw, Gaston; P. G. & John T. Lowman, J. E. Copeland, Bethune; B. D. Trapp, Camden; W. B. Reynolds, Lamar; D. E. Hammond, Gilbert; James A. Lotcher, Ward; G. H. Hallman, Gilbert; R. C. Robb, Leesville; M. J. Spears, Lamar; J. L. King, Bethune; Clyburn & Davis, Bethune; Julian Sharpe, Edmund; H. W. Northcutt, Bethune; J. F. Fallaw, Gaston; P. G. & John T. Lowman, J. E. Copeland, Bethune; B. D. Trapp, Camden; W. B. Reynolds, Lamar; D. E. Hammond, Gilbert; James A. Lotcher, Ward; G. H. Hallman, Gilbert; R. C. Robb, Leesville; M. J. Spears, Lamar; J. L. King, Bethune; Clyburn & Davis, D Bethune; C. C. Garcher, Bethune; D. D. Buyck, St. Matthews; T. L. Buyck, St. Matthews; Arthur Jones, Lake City; J. P. Richardson, White Rock; C. B. Livingston, Woodford; W. A. Johnson, North; E. A. Counts, Prosperity; H. W. Crouch, Johnston; A. H. Steven, Monetta; W. N. McLeod, Bishopville; J. L. Cooley, H. W. Trotter, Leesville; A. E. Padgett, Edgefield; W. M. Rawl, Lykesland; W. C. Hildebrand, St. Matthews; H. H. Caughtey, Fort Motte; L. H. Mayer, Peak; A. H. Cromer, Prosperity; E. C. Saye, Peak; R. B. Sessions, Ridgeway; L. B. Sessions, E. L. Perry, Blaney; C. M. Cain, Batesburg; W. D. Rhoad, Bamberg.

August 9, 1914  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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