Woman’s Building Rest Room

During the month of March 618 women and girls “rested” at the Women’s Building Rest Room. In February 6 115 enjoyed its privileges. Nothing can show so well as these numbers the value of the Rest Room to Columbia. The cost of maintaining it is more than $75 a month. This is assumed by the members of the Women’s Building committee.

Some half dozen motoring parties from nearby towns visited the Rest Room during the month. Among my name is registered are:

Marjorie Elonor PageMerchantville, N. J.
Julia M DanielsStandown, S. C.
Mrs. J. B. A. WilliamsGadsden, S. C.
Mrs. Alice SprawlsWilliston, S. C.
Mrs. W. S. WestonCayce, S. C.
Miss CoskreeySummerton, S. C.
Miss Rachel E. LumpkinLaFayette, Ga.
Miss Christine AlexanderMaryville, Tenn.
Mrs. Addie S. GanttAtlanta, Ga.
Miss. Irabella A. GordonOlar, S. C.
Miss Ruth Grace CannonProsperity, S. C.
Miss Pauline Gilder Newberry, S. C.
Mrs. A. G. GrahamMarietta, Ohio
Miss Nonnie DavisNorths, S. C.
Miss Rosa E. KulchDillion, S. C
Miss JohnsonElloree, S. C
Mrs. J. W. SmithNew Brookland, S. C.
Mrs. Luther CroutLeesville, S. C.
Mrs. C. B. RayOlar, S. C
Miss. Ethel DreherLexington, S. C.
Miss Grace BashamPittsburg, Kas
Miss. Nanie SnowdenLynchburg, S. C.
Mrs. G. C. StewartEastover, S. C.
Mrs. William F. BardenWashington, D. C.
Mrs. S. P. HolladayNew Brookland, S. C.
Miss. Hester M. RiversEastover, S. C.
Miss Sadie E. MyersEastover, S. C.
Miss Torice RiversEastover, S. C.
Mrs. Mary Ann LacountMullins, S. C.
Mrs. B. P. WhiteheadBatesburg, S. C.
Miss Kate CullumBatesburg, S. C.
Mrs. A. E. SimondsCenter Harbor, N. H.
Mrs. A. H. MillerCamden, S. C.
Mrs. W. AncrumCamden, S. C.
Miss Marie C. RiserWilliamston, S. C.
Miss Jennie DixonCamden, S. C.
Mrs. Blanch RichardsonMemphis, Tenn
Mrs. A. J. Beattie
Mrs. C. B. Birchmore
Mrs. J. H. HigginbothandCamden, S. C.
Mrs. G. Victor KearseOlar, S. C
Mrs. Caleb WhitakerCamden, S. C.
Mrs. Jannie E. FloidAnderson, S. C.
Mrs. P. S. NicholsLaurens, S. C.
Miss Mary Mac FranklinFalcorn, N. C.
Miss Isabelle E. SpearsSumter, S. C.
Mrs. George W. Fairey Fort Motte, S. C.
Mrs. Sarah WhaleyFort Motte, S. C.
Mrs. H. E. BranchAtlanta, Ga
Miss Hallie BarnesAnderson, S. C.
Mrs. D. A. GreenAnderson, S. C.
Miss Lucile Nelson Newberry, S. C.
Miss Fannie McConglirinNewberry, S. C.
Mrs. O. B. GogoBatesburg, S. C.
Mrs. S. E. ShumanGadsden, S. C.
Mrs. Gerald WestcotChester, S. C.
Mrs. Agnes WilsonBlaney, S. C.
Miss Carrie E. BanisterGrafton, Mass.
Miss Eva L. CoultLykesland, S. C.
Miss Mary WilsonAlbany, N. Y.
Mrs. Phil R. FreemanEastover, S. C.
Mrs. J. M. ShawMayesville, S. C.
Mrs. John ParnelsMayesville, S. C.
Mrs. R. W. WitherspoonWinnsboro, S. C.
Miss Grace AllenAnderson, S. C.
Mrs. M. M. ProviauxCognac, N. C.
Mrs. L. R. DrewBlackville, S. C
Mrs. Lula Mae BaxterGeorgetown, S. C.
Mrs. J. M. LeMasterRidgeway, S. C.
Miss Maggie MooreRidgeway, S. C.
Miss Christine FrazierRidgeway, S. C.
Miss Fannie AllenOlar, S. C.
Miss Elberta RiserOlar, S. C.
Miss Elizabeth BeatyWinnsboro, S. C.
Miss Edith RabbWinnsboro, S. C.
Miss James P. LowellPerry, S. C.
Mrs. John BoykinCamden, S. C.
Mrs. R. C. JohnsonCamden, S. C.
Mrs. R. W. GreenGreenville, S. C.
Miss Mamie BurgesGreenville, S. C.
Miss Hester CrossTroy, S. C.
Miss Alma JacksonGlendale, S. C.
Mrs. John Powell DavisWaycross, Ga.
Mrs. W. J. CullerSumterton, S. C.
Mrs. W. L. WhetstoneNorth, S. C.
Mrs. J. B. PlunkettNorth, S. C.
Miss Fannie WhitlockOlanta, S. C.
April 3, 1914  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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