Triple Crime is Committed

Thief Robs and Burns Blaney Store THEN STEALS HORSE Kershaw Posse Pursue Fugitive Who Makes Successful Getaway on Stolen Animal. Special to The State. Ridgeway, March 20. – A Kershaw posse is searching for the thief who entered and robbed the store of William Branham at Blaney and then burned the building. A successful getaway was negotiated on one of Mr. Branham’s horses, stolen from … Continue reading Triple Crime is Committed

Affairs in Waverley.

Luther Bagnal of Durham, N. C., spent last Sunday with his mother, Mrs. I. I. Bagnal, on Senate street. Miss Julia Rose has returned home, after a visit to relatives at Lykesland. Mrs. Emma Johnson has returned home, after spending a months visiting relatives in Georgia. Miss Edna Lorick spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lorick, on Oak Street, Miss … Continue reading Affairs in Waverley.

Governor Blease Makes Large Number of Appointments

Township Assessors, Registration Boards and Dispensers are Named. Dr. Settlemeyer Appointed Again. Governor Blease has announced a mass of appointments since the the general assembly. In addition to the appointment of a new state bank examiner he named the various boards of registration for these several counties of the state, the township assessor have been appointed and a number of magistrates and other officials in … Continue reading Governor Blease Makes Large Number of Appointments

Nancy Motley Ross

1834 Nancy Motley was born on 20 Nov 1836 in Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA as the first child of Daniel Motley and Harriett Albert Motley. 1850 Nancy Motley was counted in the census on 10 Aug 1850 in Kershaw, South Carolina, USA, as an 11-year-old, female, white. Also in the home was Daniel Motley, Harriett Motley, L H Motley, Sami Motley, Elizabeth Motley, Sarah … Continue reading Nancy Motley Ross