Comming and Going

Mrs. J. A. Hodge of Prosperity is visiting Dr. Mary Lyles Sims at her home on Gervais Street.

Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Greever of Tazewell, Va., are visiting Mr. Greever’s brother, the Rev. Walton H. Greever, D. D., at Eau Claire, Columbia. THey are on their way home from their wedding trip, in the course of which they visited Cuba. Mr. and Mrs. Greever called at the American legation in Habana and paid their respects to the American minister, William E. Gonzales, of Columbia.

Miss Mary Dusenberry of Florence is visiting Dr. Sims on Gervais street. Miss Dusenberry has an appointment to the Engrossing department and will be in Columbia throughout the session of the legislature.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gayden and Mrs. and Mrs. W. F. Muller, Jr., are at Fort Motte, visiting the family of D. H. Trezevant.

Miss Sallie Crawford has returned to her home at Winnsboro, after spending a short time with Mrs. J. F. Mobley, on Ridgeway street.

Mrs. J. G. Price left on Monday for a short visit to Jacksonville.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cooper and little daughter, Frances, are visiting relatives in Charlotte.

Mrs. Jennings of Spartanburg is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. G. Wallace Bailey, in Shandon.

Miss Louise Wharton, who has been on a visit to friends in Rock Hill, has returned home.

Miss May Little of Laurens, who has been visiting Mrs. J. C. Philpot returned yesterday to her home.

Miss Annie Mae Lawson has returned home after a stay of two weeks at a Christmas house party, given by Misses Harriet and Ruth Easterby in Laurens.

Miss Grace Hartley of Batesburg is on a visit to her aunt, Mrs. Z. T. Cook, on Woodrow street in Shandon.

J. C. Van Auken of Fenton, Mich., is spending some time with J. H. Mallory, on Wildwood avenue. Mr. Van Auken represents a company of Minneapolis which manufactures large chime clocks similar to that installed bp the Bank of Columbia.

Miss Etta Mae Wilson of Hartwell, Ga., is visiting Miss Cecile Gaines on Woodroow street.

Mrs. Ellen D. Boykin of Camden is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Charles V. Salmon.

Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Carson of Spartanburg were in Columbia yesterday at the Jefferson. Mr. Carson is president of the State Bar association.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. C. Bates of St. Matthews spent the day in Columbia yesterday. Mrs. Bates is chairman of the department of music of the State Federation of Women’s clubs.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ott of Shandon Annex are spending a month on the west coast of Florida on account of the ill health of Mr. Ott.

Miss Carrie Boney of Blaney is spending the winter with Mrs. O. H. Hatchell. She has recently entered as a students of Columbia college.

Miss Mary Bankhead, who has been with her sister, Mrs. H. F. Buechel, for the past two months, has returned to her home at White Oak.

Mrs. Sue Brazell has returned after a delightful visit to friends in and around Orangeburg.

Misses Annie and Flossy Jinkens of Shelton were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Jinkens on Landy street during the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Vowell have returned after spending several days with relatives in Lancaster.

Miss Janie Smith has returned to her home at Dentsville after a visit to her sister, Mrs. H. E. Moore, on Washington Street.

January 15, 1914 Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)
Columbia, South Carolina Page 8

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