Affairs At Waverley

J. R. Rose of Sumter is visiting his aunt, Mrs. J. H. Rose, on Heidt street

Mrs. J. A. Pratt of Abbeville has been visiting Mrs. C. C. Flemington Oak street for the past week.

W. C. Fleming of Ninety-Six spent last Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. C. C. Fleming on Oak street.

W. C. Butler made a short trip to Blaney this week on business.

Mrs. A. A. Phillips has returned from a visit to Mrs. B. B. Underwood of Greer.

Miss Florrie Davis of Congaree was the guest of Mrs. Jessie Thomas during the past week.

Mrs. Sallie Kelly of Killian is the guest of Mrs. M. V. Wescott on Oak Street.

Charles Tiller left this week for Spartanburg, where he entered as a student of Wofford.

Mrs. W. D. Bryan of Taft is the guest of Mrs. D. E. Ulmer on Richland street.

Mrs. Fred Hatchel has returned from a trip to her parents of Chadbourn, North Carolina.

Miss Lucile Bryan of Taft spent several days with Mrs. D. E. Ulmer this week, on her way home from Hendersonville, where she spent her vacation.

Mrs. B. C. Brockington of Chester has been visiting Mrs. H. L. Isbel on Laurel street.

The Ladies’ Aid society, circle No. 1, of the Tabernacle Baptist church will hold its regular meeting October 6 at the residence of Mrs. Charlie McNeil on Laurel street.

Fred Murphy and Andrew Murphy of Atlanta, Ga., have come to Columbia to make their home with their aunt, Mrs. E. L. Murphy, on Pine Street.

Mrs. Charlie Fleming and little son, Lorick Fleming, have gone to Irmo to visit. Mrs. and Mrs. Wallace Lorick.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Husband have returned home, after a pleasant visit to relatives in Atlanta, Ga.

Miss Sadie Clark of Chester is the guest of Mrs. W. C. Weir on Laurel street.

Mrs. John Brazil is at home, after a successful operation at Knowlton’s hospital.

Bob Wescott, who has been ill at his home on Oak street, is getting on nicely.

Mrs. J. J.Younginer of Wofford was the guest of Mrs. W. H. Tiller during the past week.

October 5, 1913  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 8017  Page 3

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