Baptist Coming To Capital City

Fairfield Association Meets Here Oct. 8.


Thirty-three Congregations in Fairfield and Richland Counties to Be Represented.

Representing 33 churches in Fairfield and Richland counties, the Fairfield Baptist association will hold its 44th annual convention in Columbia, with the Tabernacle Baptist church, the Rev. A. B. Kennedy, pastor, beginning Wednesday morning, October 8. While a formal programme is not yet available, those in charge of the conference say that the foreign mission board in Richmond, the home mission board in Atlanta, the State mission board in Greenville. The Baptist Courier, the Baptist colleges in the State, Connie Maxwell orphanage at Greenwood and other denominational enterprises will be represented.

Basis of representation from the churches composing the association is three delegates from each congregation, through the stronger churches often have larger delegations. The churches of the association have a total membership of 3,395. At the last meeting of the association, held at Blaney Baptist church, total collections of $43,452.85 were reported, $6,366.21 of this amount going to missions.

The association has no legislative function whatever. The basis of union is simply voluntary cooperation in Christian work. Missions, home, State and foreign; Christian education and the development of the churches are the objects of chief interest.

The committee on entertainment from the Tabernacle church is composed of D. G. Sutton, chairman; M. L. Bachelor, Mrs. D. Kelly, Mrs. J. F. Gaines and Miss S. E. Epting. Delegates who will attend should communicate at one with D. G. Sutton, the chairman of the committee, 1413 Lumber street. Free entertainment will be provided for delegates and visitors. The officers of the association are: B. H. Yarborough of Jenkinsville, moderator, with L. S. Mattison and W. J. Scruggs, both of Columbia, clerk and treasurer, respectively. The executive board is composed of the following; The Rev. J. S. Corpening, Ridgeway; the Rev. C. E. Burts, D. D. Columbia; W. R. Rabb, Winnsboro; C. P. Wray, Ridgeway; T. M. Maddox, Blaney; W. J. Scruggs, Columbia, and B. H. Yarborough, Jenkinsville.

September 14, 1913  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 7996  Page 5

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