Negro Amuck Wounded Two

Gertie Blanding, a negro, went on a rampage at Blaney yesterday and shot and wounded two other negroes – a woman, Mary Ellen, and Isaac Davis. Davis is seriously hurt and may die. He was brought to a local hospital for an operation. Blanding escaped after the shooting, which occurred on the streets near the depot, and he has been in hiding since. Blanding and Davis quarreled over the friendship of the woman, and it was old, old story of jealousy and the ever-ready pistol combined with natural viciousness.

C. C. Robbins, a guard at the state penitentiary, was called on to chase Blanding with his bloodhounds, but when Mr. Robbins and his man hunters arrived there the trail was cold and the dogs were unable to make very much progress and the chase had to be abandoned. Capt. Robbins and his dogs were taken to Blaney in an automobile by Jesse Reynolds. Being an emergency call. Reynolds “opened her up” on the streets with the result that he violated the speed laws which cost him 75 cents in the recorder’s court this morning. The recorder took into consideration the facts in the case and imposed a light sentence.

April 29, 1913 Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) Columbia, South Carolina Page 3

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