More Commendation of “THE STATE’S” Rule

Notes of Approval of Decision to Bar Whiskey Advertisement from Columns of This Paper.

Courage of Convictions.

To the Editor of The State:

For a long time I have thought to send a word of commendation. No doubt remains in the unprejudiced honest mind that you have convictions and the courage to maintain them. Even your bitterest enemies will not deny that the above statement needs no qualifiers. South Carolina is fortunate to have one such sheet as comes from your press sown broadcast over its length and breadth. Earnest people see that The State is growing in grace, going on to perfection. Those Sunday school helps. I wanted to ask that you bring out the notes earlier in the week beacause of the people in Remote corners of the State. Thank God for such men, “whom having not seen, we love.” Never saw you that I know,

H. C. Bethea,
Rembert April 9

“Well Done.”

To the Editor of The State:

In commending your move in regard to obliterating whiskey advertisements from your good paper, I am sure I voice the sentiments of a large majority of the people of Dillion.”Well done.”

Mrs. C. R. Taber.
Dillon, April 9.

A Noble Stand.

To the Editor of The State:

I beg to express my approval and appreciation of the stand you have taken in regard to excluding whiskey advertisements from your paper. It is a noble stand you have taken in the interest of Moral righteousness and a rebuke to the abominable whiskey traffic.

E. R. Brown,
Marion, April 11.

Read With Pleasure.

To the Editor of The State:

I have read, with real pleasure your decision to exclude from your advertising columns whiskey advertisements.

I want to add my congratulations, and indorse all the good things that have been said concerning this decision. I believe it means much for the morals of our State.

A. E. C. Pittman.
Blaney, April 10.

Praise From Gaffney.

To the Editor of The State:

May I add my word of commendation on the stand you have taken in regard to liquor advertisements. I am not surprised that you did it but it is a stand not often taken by men in your position.

Edward Watson.
Gaffney, April 10.

Praise From W. C. T. U.

To the Editor of The State:

I want to thank you in behalf of the Congaree W. C. T. U. for the decision you made in regard to the whiskey advertisements.

May the windows of heaven be opened and a blessing be poured out upon you and your good paper. May your paper be increased an hundredfold.

Mrs. N. W. Edmunds.
Congaree, April 9.

A High Stand.

To the Editor of The State:

I wish to extend personally, and as the State president of the South Carolina Woman’s Christian Temperance union, congratulations and thanks for the high stand The State has taken in the matter of liquor advertisements. Nothing that your great newspaper has ever done is more patriotic than this cutting out the advertisement of that which so degrades our citizens. Again I congratulate you.

Mrs. Joseph Sprott,
State President S. C. W. C. T. U.
Manning, April 9.

Greenwood Joins.

To the Editor of The State:

I have been a reader of The State since your first issues of February, 1891. While the policy of The State in some instances has not been in accord with my views, I have always admired you for your honesty of opinion an dcorrect statement of facts. I am a prohibitionist (Statewide) and have used my best efforts to bring about this result. Let me commend you for refusing to allow any more liquor advertisements to appear in your paper. I trust the day will not be very far distant when every paper in South Carolina will be placed on the high plane on which you have placed The State.

R. P. Blake.
Greenwood, April 10.

To Prevent Evil.

To the Editor of The State:

While I was secretary of the South Carolina Law and Order league I ever found your paper standing nobly for the enforcement of law, but your recent action relative to whiskey advertisements is more noble in that it tends to prevent evil. Sir, I most heartily congratulate you and exclaim: “Long live The State!”

Howell Morrell.
Horrell, April 11.

Raleigh is Glad

To the Editor of The State:

Please accept my thanks for your decision to discontinue whisey advertisements after expiration of outstanding contracts. I hope that your course will have the effect of causing some of our religious weeklies to dicontinue the use of many of the fate patent medicine advertisements which appear in their columns.

With sincere good Wishes,

M. W. Brabham
Raleigh, N. C., April 10.

April 13, 1913 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Letters Issue 7847 Page 4

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