Negro Amuck Wounded Two

Gertie Blanding, a negro, went on a rampage at Blaney yesterday and shot and wounded two other negroes – a woman, Mary Ellen, and Isaac Davis. Davis is seriously hurt and may die. He was brought to a local hospital for an operation. Blanding escaped after the shooting, which occurred on the streets near the depot, and he has been in hiding since. Blanding and … Continue reading Negro Amuck Wounded Two

Violators of Laws As To Traffic Were Before The Court

Feature of Docket in Recorder’s Court This Morning. Serveral With Good Excuse Were Let Down Easy. Violators of the traffic ordinances featured the docket this morning in the police reorder’s court, failures to observe the hitching laws and the speeding of automobiles being the burden of complaint. W. H. Davis and L. B. Garner, charged with failing to have the proper length lines attached to … Continue reading Violators of Laws As To Traffic Were Before The Court

More Commendation of “THE STATE’S” Rule

Notes of Approval of Decision to Bar Whiskey Advertisement from Columns of This Paper. Courage of Convictions. To the Editor of The State: For a long time I have thought to send a word of commendation. No doubt remains in the unprejudiced honest mind that you have convictions and the courage to maintain them. Even your bitterest enemies will not deny that the above statement … Continue reading More Commendation of “THE STATE’S” Rule

Her Death Laid At Husband’s Door

William Griffin Charge With Poisoning of Girl-wife HELD FOR AN INVESTIGATION Coroner Scott Will Hold Inquest at Jacobs Next Friday – Mystery Surrounds the Case. William Griffin of Jacobs is being held in the Richland county jail by Coroner Scott on the charge of poisoning his 17-year-old wife, the mother of his nine-months-old child, who died suddenly at their home at Jacobs at 3 o’clock … Continue reading Her Death Laid At Husband’s Door

Martha Susan Higgins

1837 Martha Susan Higgins was born on 23 Sep 1830 in Kershaw, South Carolina, USA a child of John O’Cain Higgins and Jane Rebecca Scott Higgins. 1850 M S Higgins was counted in the census on 02 Aug 1850 in Kershaw, South Carolina, USA, as a 20-year-old, female, white. Also in the home was, John O Higgins, Jas Higgins, Caroline Higgins, H R Higgins, Leanora … Continue reading Martha Susan Higgins