Lost From Parents

Five Colored Children Found Wandering About the Streets

Five colored children, ages ranging from 6 to 13 years, were found wandering in the streets of the city yesterday. Their mother came to Columbia sometime ago. They claim that they came from Blaney. The oldest girls are large enough to do good house work.

Rev. Richard Carrol, who has for a long time looked after neglected children, will find good homes for them, unless their parents turn up in a few days. He has employed Jennie Lomax to look after them at 913 Washington street until further arrangements can be made.

All of the children are tidy and neat and seem to have considerable intelligence. The children do not seem to know anything of the whereabouts of their mother or father.

Rev. Richard Carrol is out of the city, but will return Friday. If their parents are not found by that time, he will be glad to place the older children in good homes.

November 13, 1912  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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