Minnie E. Rose Motley


Minnie Rose was born on 15 Jul 1879 in Kershaw, South Carolina, USA a child of John Warren Rose and Mary Ellen Watts Rose.


Minnie Rose was counted in the census on 17 Jun 1880 in Wateree, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA as a ten-month-old female, single, white, daughter. Also in the home was her father, John W Rose; her mother, Mary E. Rose; and siblings, Samuel W. Rose, Emma Rose, Anna M Rose, and Johnnie Rose.


Minnie Motley was counted in the census on 05 Jun 1900 in Richland, South Carolina, USA, as a twenty-one-year-old, married for 4 years, white, mother of two children. Also in the home was her husband, Talley W Motley; and their sons, Lawson Motley and Loomas Motley.


Minnie Mutley was counted in the census on 15 Apr 1910 in Richland, South Carolina, USA as a thirty-year-old, married, white, wife. Also in the home was her husband; Tulley W Mutley; and their children, Thurmond Mutley, Laurens Mutley, Talley H Mutley, Delphein D Mutley, and Cleo Mutley.


She died on 24 Oct 1912 in Richland, South Carolina, USA.  She was buried in Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA at Union Baptist Church Cemetery.

Union Baptist Church Cemetery
Elgin, Kershaw County, South Carolina, USA
Photo added by Gerald Vanlandingham


On August 13, 1951, Minnie Rose was listed as the deceased wife in the obituary of Talley W. Motley.


On April 14, 1960, Minnie Rose was listed as the mother on the death certificate for Lawrence Eugene Motley.

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