Farm Land, Fruit Land

No. 69. Fine peach section, 251 acres on 2 sides Southern R. R.; Columbia 18 miles, flag stop (Elsie) 1-4 mile. Side track 200 yards. 1,200 cords pine wood. Price $15.00 per acre. Special terms on this. No. 70. 1,500 acres Liberty Hill, S. C. 6 room dwelling, 13 tenant houses, 5 barns. 140 acres bottoms. Rental value 25 bales. Pasture wired. Price $10 per … Continue reading Farm Land, Fruit Land

Eliza J. Albert Goff

1875 Eliza J Albert was born on 17 Sep 1875 a child of John Albert and Mary Magdalene Hinson. 1890 When she was 14, she married William Henry Goff, son of William Preston Goff and Rebecca Elizabeth McDonald, about 1890. 1900 Eliza Goff was counted in the census on 22 Jun 1900 in Wateree, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA as a 25 year old female, white, … Continue reading Eliza J. Albert Goff

Infant Son McCaskill

Infant Son McCaskill was born on 18 Sep 1912 in South Carolina, USA as the third child of Thomas Murdock McCaskill and Ada Irene Maddox. He had six siblings, namely: Robert Burnes McCaskill, Thomas Murdock McCaskill, Marguerite Bruce McCaskill, Olive Bryan McCaskill, and Von Hindenberg McCaskill. He died on 18 Sep 1912 in South Carolina, USA and was buried in Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA … Continue reading Infant Son McCaskill

Fight In Kershaw Over The Election

Blaney, Sept. 11 (Special) – All who believe the political battles of ’76 are settled have another think coming to them. Failing to find sufficient cause for a scrap over the recent primary, a quartette of men at Blaney this morning dropped back to ’76 and there found material for cause for a lively and bloody scrap. While the fight occurred over a discussion of … Continue reading Fight In Kershaw Over The Election

Land and Timber

No. 45, A bargain. Land and timber. Level except 25 acres; 297 acres gray land; 5-room house; 4 tenant houses; 500,00 feet saw timber. 3 miles from Blythewood. Columbia 18 miles. $15 per acre. No. 67. Land and timber; 285 acres; good stiff land on Twenty creek; red clay subsoil; 3 tenant houses. About one million feet long and short leaf timber. Price $6,000. No. … Continue reading Land and Timber