News of Camden Briefly Recited

New Catholic Church Will Soon Be Completed


Plans Under Way for Camden Hospital Building- Will be Erected at Cost of $50,000.

Special To The State.

Camden, July 21. – The Catholic congregation of this city, expect to have their new church ready for service this fall by the time the tourist arrive. An architect in Washington is now working on the plans, which will be submitted soon. The site for the new church is the northeast corner “Bloomsbury,” on lower Lyttleton street. The new church is to be one of the handsomest in the State, for a town of this size. The Catholics own a small church on Lyttleton street, a half a mile below the site of the contemplated new church.

Rev. R. E. Gribben, assistant pastor of Grace church in Charleston, will preach for four Sundays beginning today at Grace church of this city, September 1 Rev. Mr. Harding of Charleston, who recently accepted a call to Grace church here, will move to Camden to fill the pulpit. The church has been without a pastor since the resignation of the venerable Rev. Dr. W. B. Gordon, who is now spending the summer at his cottage in the mountains of North Carolina.

Capt. Wm. M. Shannon and Dr. John W. Corbett have returned from New York, where they consulted with Dr. Baruch in reference to the plans of the Camden hospital, which are in the hands of Dr. Baruch’s architect. Dr. Baruch desired several changes made in the plans before work commenced on the building, as he wants the building equipped will cost $50,000. It will be recalled that Dr. Baruch made a large gift to the hospital. Capt. Shannon is chairman of the hospital committee.

The Southern Bell Telephone company has just completed extensive improvements on its system here, which involved a considerable outlay of expenses. The serial cable facilities were greatly enlarged, and many changes were made therein for general improvement. Much new equipment has been added to the offices, on the third floor of the First National bank building, the exchange’s headquarters, has also been replastered and repainted. The Bell company is now giving its patrons excellent service.

Messrs. Coker and Mortimer McNair of Hartsville were visitors at Bethune this week, where they went to endeavor to interest the citizens in the formation of a new county, out of part of Lee, Kershaw, and Darlington counties, with Hartsville as the county seat. A similar effort is being made in the same neighborhood by some citizens from Pageland, who wants to form a new county from parts of Chesterfield, Lancaster, and Kershaw counties, with Pageland or Jefferson as the county seat. Their efforts will be watched with interest, but it is not thought that either parties will be successful, for two reason; first that the citizens of Bethune will not leave Kershaw county; second, is that there is not enough territory to spare from this county, as under the statutory laws, a county has to contain a certain number of square miles.

Randolph Kirkland was the successful winner of the College of Charleston scholarship, Mr. Kirkland is first alternate, for West Point, having been recently appointed by Congressman Finley of this district.

W. R. Mitchum, a civil engineer of this city has the contract for placing the concrete curbing on DeKalb street, between Main Street and the Southern depot, a distance of over a half mile. The work commenced Monday, near Main Street. Many car loads of crushed granite, which is being used for the work, was unloaded this week and started to DeKalb street.

I. C. Hough, clerk of the court, announced about a week ago that he would not stand for reelection, and this announcement has brought out many candidates for the position. Until the announcement, Mr. Hough was unopposed. The following have announced themseleves for the above postition during the past few days; R. B. Williams, Joel Hough, the present deputy clerk of the court; H. C. Singleton, W. C. Salmond, D. K. Hough, P. T. Bruce and Jas. H. Clyburn. They are all good men, and a close race is looked forward to.

Other candidates to announce themselves during the past few days are H. T. Johnson of Shamrock section of the county for the house of representatives and L. J. Watts for coroner.

J. W. Smith, who has been conducting a garage here for many years, is preparing to move his entire outfit to Sumter. Messrs, Dickson, Beard and Scuyler are connected with Mr. Smith’s repair department and will go to Sumter with him. They are all expert automobile workmen.

Capt. M. L. Smith, speaker of the house of representatives, will leave about August 2 for Denver, Col., where he goes as supreme representative of the Knights of Pythias from this State. He has been chosen to make a speech, seconding the nomination of one of the leading candidates for the office of supreme vice chancellor, over which there is always a lively fight. Capt. Smith attended a similar meeting of the Knights of Pythias when it was held two years ago at Milwaukee, Wis., and made an excellent speech before that body, which was afterwards reproduced in nearly all of the Pythian Publications.

Sadie Wilson, the attractive little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Wilson, was painfully, but not seriously burned recently. The little girl ran into the kitchen and ran against the cook, who had a pan of very hot water in her hands; this was upset all over the little girl’s neck and shoulders. The little child is resting well, and is expected to recover in a few days.

The county campaign opens on Monday at Bethune. The candidates speak at Raley’s Mill, Tuesday; Kershaw, Wednesday; BEaver Dam, Friday; Blaney, Saturday; Camden, July 31. The race for sheriff and clerk of court are watched with interest.

July 22, 1912  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 7585  Page 9

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