Dog Not Afflicted With Hydrophobia

Dr. A. F. Coward of the State health department, said this morning that the dog’s head brought to the city for examination by Mr. T. A. Gunter of Blaney showed no signs of hydrophobia when tested yesterday morning. Consequently Mr. Gunter will not immediately take the Pasteur treatment. Mr. Gunter was attacked at his home Sunday morning by three dogs, only one of which he succeeded in killing. The head of this canine was brought to the city and examined yesterday with the above mentioned result.

Mr. Gunter has now returned to his home to kill the other two dogs in order that they may be tested for rabies. If neither of these was afflicted with hydrophobia Mr. Gunter will not take the Pasteur treatment but he wishes to be perfectly satisfied that this is the case before he decides not to do so.

July 2, 1912  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 5

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