News of Camden Briefly Recited

New Catholic Church Will Soon Be Completed REV. R. E. GRIBBEN TO PREACH Plans Under Way for Camden Hospital Building- Will be Erected at Cost of $50,000. Special To The State. Camden, July 21. – The Catholic congregation of this city, expect to have their new church ready for service this fall by the time the tourist arrive. An architect in Washington is now working … Continue reading News of Camden Briefly Recited

Dog Not Afflicted With Hydrophobia

Dr. A. F. Coward of the State health department, said this morning that the dog’s head brought to the city for examination by Mr. T. A. Gunter of Blaney showed no signs of hydrophobia when tested yesterday morning. Consequently Mr. Gunter will not immediately take the Pasteur treatment. Mr. Gunter was attacked at his home Sunday morning by three dogs, only one of which he … Continue reading Dog Not Afflicted With Hydrophobia