School Rally At Blaney

Inclement Weather Marred Occasion That Proved Enjoyable in Spite of Weather Conditions.

Specail to The State.

Camden, April 21. — The school rally schedule for Blaney yesterday, was a success notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather. The meeting was held in the church as the school house was not large enough to hold the audience. While the meeting was a success, still it was a mater of regret that the speakers from Columbia who had been invited and who were expected were unable to attend. The speakers from Camden reached Blaney about 11:30 o’clock. C. W. Birchmore, editor of the Wateree Messenger, was introduced and spoke along the line of school improvement and what it would mean for the development of the county and State. The three-fold nature of the child was presented by him – the spiritual, physical and intellectual – and the adequate means necessary to develop these features in the child.

I. J. McKinzie, county superintendent of education, was present and urged an additional levy of four mills that District no. 12, which included the town of Blaney, might have sufficient means to properly conduct the school. An additional levy of two mills would mean an increase in the school fund of about $6,000, and when the other conditions were complied with, the State would contribute $300 there are 12 miles of railroad would pay a large proportion of this tax.

Capt. M. L. Smith was the last speaker. Like the speakers who preceded him, he referred to he cleverness of the Blaney people, and said that it was not his purpose to try to force them to levy an additional tax upon their property, but to state briefly the advantages of better school facilities and then for them to think over the situation and decided for themselves if it were not wise for them to levy such a tax as would be best for the entire community. He gave some very practical illustrations and was listened to with close attention. In the afternoon there were quite a number who signed petitions asking for a special levy to be made. Blaney is forging ahead, and is composed of as good and patriotic people as can be found anywhere.

At the conclusion of the speeches, the audience repaired to the Blaney spring were a magnificent dinner was served, but all the audience and the visitor especially, felt for the committee who had the dinner in charge, for the rain began to fall and dinner had to be served in the rain, which of course was disagreeable, but every one was cheerful notwithstanding this and enjoyed the splendid feast. It was a day that will be long remembered and it is believed much good will result from the school rally held.

April 22, 1912 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina News Article Issue 7494 Page 3

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