Three Convicts Are Still Among Missing

Circulars are Being Distributed Among Officers in Order to Take Them.

Three of the quintet of convicts who escaped from the county gang at Lykesland during the singing ceremony Sunday night are still at large. Circulars containing the pictures and descriptions of the escaped convicts have been sent to officers at Stations on the Southern and Atlantic Coast Line railways from Columbia to Charleston, as it is believed that the three went that way after parting from the two who were captured. The dogs followed the rail as far as Arthurtown, where the paths evidently divided, for the bloodhounds become confused and scattered in several directions. Henry Jones, shot in the leg, was caught 15 miles from camp and is in jail. George Davis continued his flight toward the city and was recaptured at 723 Gadsden street.

A description of George Williams, at large, is as follows:

Age 23 years; height 6 feet; color, brown; weight 165 or 170 pounds; wears No. 10 shoe.

Cleveland Raddick, also among the missing, is described as follows;

Age 21 or 22 years; height 5 feet 6 inches; color brown; weight about 135; wears No. 7 shoe.

Scott Brown, the longest termer at large, answers to the following description;

Age, 25 or 26 years; height, 5 feet 6 inces; color, black; wight, about 145 pounds; wears No. 7 shoe. From Blaney.

A reward of $25 will be paid for the arrest of any of the escaped convicts.

The convicts filed themselves free from the chains to which they were fastened, choosing singing time to use the file as the melodies effectively prevented the guard from hearing the sounds of the grating of the file against the chain.

February 6, 1912  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD.)
Columbia, South Carolina Page 9

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