Killing An Accident Said The Verdict

Coroner R. D. Walker held an inquest Tuesday afternoon at 5 o’clock over the body of Clyman McDonald, aged about 18 years, who died Monday afternoon from an abdominal wound caused by a load of shot fired from a gun with which his father, Mr. C. D. McDonald was playing. The shooting was purely accidental, said the verdict of the corner’s jury.

Henry Krikland was an eye witness. He and the dead young man had gone hunting for robins and upon return the gun was placed in the corner of the market of the elder McDonald on the Bluff road, in the Olympia mill village. A short time after the return of the young men the father of Clyman McDonald entered the store. It appears that a pistol had been placed in a cabinet or wall box and Clyman McDonald in a spirit of fun threw it into his father’s face, snapping it several times. In returning the jest Mr. McDonald grabbed the loaded guns. The gun was fired so quickly that the witness, Kirkland, said he heard no words passed.

Mr. McDonald is the father of several children and neighbors said the dead boy was his favorite. He was overwhelmed with grief at the result of the joke, as he mourns the death of his young son.

The coroner’s jury was as follows; Messrs. C. J. Paschall, D. C. Lewis, O. G. German, C. T. Kelley, R. C. Webb, W. D. Jacobs, John T. Kelley, W. H. Elmore, F. B. Scott, C. D. Wray, G. W. Parker, J. T. Bradley, J. C. Lawhorn, S. I. Neal.

The funeral of McDonald will be held at Blaney today.

January 31, 1912 Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD.) Columbia, South Carolina Page 3

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