David Wesley Branham

David Wesley Branham was born July 9, 1834 in Ridgeway, Fairfield County, South Carolina, to Samuel Branham and Elizabeth Talbert Branham. David Wesley Branham, 77, passed away on December 29, 1911. He was married to Kissiah Watts Branham. He was the father to the following children; Elizabeth Branham, Rachel Branham, Rebecca Branham Branham, David Branham, Mary Branham Mattox, Samuel Branham, Eliza Branham, Alice Branham Wilson, … Continue reading David Wesley Branham

Had Narrow Escape In Camden Runaway

Buggy Overturned on Occupants – W. O. W. Held Election – New Enterprise for Blaney. Special to The State. Camden, Dec. 13. – What was almost a serious accident was the runaway of two spirited horse driven by Frank Campbell on north Lyttleton street Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Campbell and little child were in the buggy with Mr. Campbell, when the horses became unmanageable and dashed … Continue reading Had Narrow Escape In Camden Runaway