State Fair Via Seaboard Air Line

October 30th – November 4th., 1911.

Below are rates, including admission to Fair Grounds. Special Train will be operated Wednesday and Thursday, November 1st, and 2nd, 1911.

Special Train
FromTrain LeavesR. T. Rates
Hamlet6:30 am**B$3.45
Osborne6:40 am**B 3.15
Kollocks6:55 am*A 3.45
Cheraw7:05 am*A 3.40
Patrick7:35 am*A 3.00
Middendorf7:47 am*A 2.75
McBee8:05 am*A 2.50
Bethune8:15 am*A 2.35
Cassatt8:25 am*A 2.15
Camden8:45 am*A 1.75
Lugoff8:52 am*A 1.60
Blaney9:13 am*A 1.35
Arrive Columbia9:50 am

*A – Admission Coupon included.
**B – No Admission Coupon included.

Returning, Special Train leaves Columbia at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Tickets will also be sold for all regular trains October 28th, to November 3rd, and for trains scheduled to arrive Columbia before noon November 4th, 1911.

Limit of Tickets – All tickets limited for return up to and including November 5th, 1911.

October 26, 1911  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD.) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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