Eva A Parker Brannon


Eva A Parker was born on 03 May 1893 in South Carolina, USA.


Eva Brannon was counted in the census on 28 Apr 1910 in Buffalo, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA, as a 17-year-old, female, married, white, daughter-in-law. Also in the home was her father-in-law, W H Brannon; her mother-in-law, Elizabeth Brannon; her husband, B W Brannon; and her sister-in-laws, Maggie Brannon and Nettie Brannon.


She died on 20 Sep 1911 in South Carolina, USA. She was buried in Bethune, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA at Brannon Cemetery.

Eva A Parker Brannon
3 May 1893 – 20 Sep 1911 (aged 18)
Brannon Cemetery


On April 29 1954, Mrs Alice Yarborough Brannon was mentioned as the wife in the obituary of Ben W Brannon.


On June 14, 1989, Eva Parker was mentioned as the mother on the death record of Olga Brannon Atkinson.

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