Booster Car Quits Work

Georgia Party Stop in Columbia on Account of Break Down

The Georgia State Chamber of Commerce car arrived in Columbia Monday afternoon from Augusta, and after a few hours here started out again towards Raleigh, but when about 13 miles from Columbia, near Blaney, the booster trip was rudely stopped by carburetor trouble. A member of the party made his way to the Seaboard and came into Columbia for a mechanician. But the carburetor is still cranky and efforts are being made to get another car with which to continue the trip. If this cannot be done the party will leave Columbia Tuesday afternoon on the Seaboard for Raleigh.

Judge J. C. Lestar, who started out with the party, was called home and did not reach Columbia but expects to join the party later. Col. R. A. Staford and Mr. William A. Wakefield, secretary of the State Chamber of Commerce, with the party which came into Columba, Monday afternoon. They were taken in charge by Secretary Hamby of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, and with Mayor Gibbes, Councilman Blalock, Vice President Julius H. Well of the Chamber of Commerce and others the part enjoyed a visit to Ridgewood club, and had lunch at the Colonia.

Until the mishap near Blaney the car, a Primo, had been making excellent time and the party has been keeping its schedule.

June 13, 1911  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 10

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