To Crystal Lake Go Y.M.C.A. Jaunters

The time, place and other details of outing of the Y. M. C. A boys have been fixed. Next Tuesday morning a jolly party will leave Columbia for Crystal Lake near Blaney, for a few days taste of camp life. Everybody agrees that a more healthful and delightful spot could not be found. Situated 400 feet above Columbia, far from swamp or matarial selections with just enough shade at hand, a beautiful lake filled with fish and fine a place for swimming and boating it affords an ideal place for boys.

The party which is limited to 25 will be under the direction of Mr. Ross and the general secretary, Mr. Stratton, and every precaution known to experience men will be taken to insure the safety comfort and enjoyment of the boys. Through the kind interest of T. C. Williams, the cost of the outing is reduced to a nomial sum.

Mr. Williams secured permission from the owners for the party to occupy the property, furnishes the tenst and cooking utensils, transports with his team, the baggage and supplies to and from the camp and has otherwise aided the movement without any cost to the association.

Boys between 12 and 18 years, who wish to join the outing should apply at once, for further information and registration at the office of the Young Men’s Christian association, as the limit will doutless be reached.

The boys will be taken in automobiles to camp Tuesday morning.

June 10, 1911  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 7180  Page 6

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