Sam Kirkland On Trial For Life

He is Charged with Having Incited His Wife to Suicide. SHOWS LITTLE EMOTION Only When His Daughter Took Stand Did Prisoner Lose His Stolid Composure, Then Slightly. By A. D. Oliphant. Camden, Nov. 17. – Charged with having incited his wife to commit suicide, Sam R. Kirkland, a farmer living near Blaney, was put on trial for his life today in the court of general … Continue reading Sam Kirkland On Trial For Life

Charlotte To Columbia. (Charlotte Observer)

Having received a number of calls for a road chart from Charlotte to Columbia, S. C., a distance of 133.8 miles, and being specially requested by the Automobile club of America for a reading of this route for publication, Mr. Osmond L. Barriger several days ago made a trip to the South Carolina capital city via Lancaster and Camden in his Hudson roadster. Leaving The … Continue reading Charlotte To Columbia. (Charlotte Observer)

A State Club Set on Foot

Columbia Automobile Club Launched Plans for Organizations A mere corporal’s guard of good roads enthusiasts and automobile owners gathered at noon in the office of Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Hamby and set on foot the organization of a State Automobile Club which it is planned to later affiliate with the national association. While the attendance at the meeting was small on account of … Continue reading A State Club Set on Foot