Done To Death Doing His Duty

Jailer Hilton Smith Died From the Wounds. MURDERER HAS BEEN CAUGHT “Bud” Rabb Surrendered at Blaney Yesterday to Chief Cathcart. Hilton T. Smith, city jailer, died last night at the Columbia hospital. Others in public service have died as the result of illness, contracted through exposure, but this is the first time in many years that Columbia has had an officer of the peace killed … Continue reading Done To Death Doing His Duty

Hilton Smith Died From Bullet Wound

City Jailer Could Not Survive Terrible Injuries. CORONER WALKER HELD INQUEST Rabb, Who Confessed to the Shooting in Penitentiary. Taken Wednesday. Thursday, at noon, Coroner Walker held an inquest over the body of City Jailer Hilton T. Smith, who died Wednesday night at the Columbia hospital as the result of a pistol wound in the abdomen inflicted by John Rabb, whom he was attempting to … Continue reading Hilton Smith Died From Bullet Wound

Rabb Taken At Blaneys By Chief

Negro Who Shot Policeman Smith Arrested by Officer. ON THE WAY TO CITY WITH THE PRISONER Hilton Smith in Critical Condition – Death May Come Any Time. At 2:30 a telephone message from Blaney’s stated that Rabb had been arrested by Chief Cathcart. The officer and his prisoner will reach the city in the afternoon. Hilton Smith, city jailer, who was shot by John Rabb, … Continue reading Rabb Taken At Blaneys By Chief

Fast Run From Camden To Columbia

Few if any motorist have made the run from Camden to Columbia in shorter time than did Messrs. John W. Conder and James A Hoyt Sunday, when, in returning from a trip to Bishopville, Darlington and Timmonsville, they covered the distance in 1 1-2 hours. Traveling in a Buick roadster, Messrs. Conder and Hoyt left Bishopville at 10:10 a. m. and reached Camden at 11:40 … Continue reading Fast Run From Camden To Columbia