Isabelle Margaret Goff Kirkland

1866 Isabelle Margaret Goff was born on 18 Sep 1866 in South Carolina, USA as the first child of James Cantey Goff and Rebecca Elizabeth Burdell Goff. 1870 Isabel Goff was counted in the census on 13 Aug 1870 in Richland, South Carolina, USA, as a 4-year-old, female, white. Also in the home was James Goff, Rebecca Goff, Mary Goff, Ella Goff, Margaret Goff, Edward … Continue reading Isabelle Margaret Goff Kirkland

Capital Road Meeting Here Next Tuesday

Will Plan Opening Run Over the Highway PRESIDENT TUFTS IN COLUMBIA TODAY Enroute in His Car From Pinehurst to Savannah – Roads Fair. Mr. Leonard Tufts, president of the Capital Highway association and owner of the Pinehurst resorts hotel, is the city on his way to Savannah, making the trip with a friend in his 1910 four-cylinder Reo. Mr. Tufts left Pinehurst Tuesday evening at … Continue reading Capital Road Meeting Here Next Tuesday