Subscribing For Highway Generously

Plans for Capital Route Run Proceed Well.


Supervisor Owens Resume Work on Remainder of Two Notch Road. 

Messrs, G. M. Berry, W. L. Blanchard and Dr. E. M. Whaley, the committee selected to raise funds for the Capital Highway, are meeting with encouraging success.  A complete list of subscribers will be published soon. The Gregory-Conder company gave $105 yesterday and several $25 subscriptions have been  received since the meeting early last week.

Supervisor Owens has restarted work on the Two-Notch road and by March I will have it practically all clayed to the Kershaw county line.

Supervisor west is pushing the work on his end. Blaney and Camden have raised enough money, with Columbia’s contribution, to clay the road across the town of Blaney. Particular attention will be paid to the hill just above Blaney, which has been the despair of autoists on account of the deep sand. Many a motorist from Columbia who wanted to go to Camden has turned back because of that heartbreaking sandy hill.

Mr. Dallam O’Brien, who has the contract for the concrete work at the Wateree river bridge, stated this morning that he expects to complete the excavation for the last abutment in a few days. He will then put in the concrete at the rate of 60 to 75 yards a day. He has built two find abutments on the Camden side of the river and the shore span on that side of the river is nearly finished. The Penn Bridge company will go ahead with the steel work on the river span and throw it across and have it ready to tie to the side about as soon as the abutment is ready.

Building the approaches to the bridge involves handling a great amount of earth, but temporary approaches will probably be provided. Travel over the river is heavy. For two hours yesterday afternoon there were from 15 to 20 teams in the line all the time, waiting for the ferry. The flat handles six to eight teams at a time, but as fast as one load was carried over, fresh teams would come up. Loading takes twice as long as crossing the river. as the flat is put across in three to five minutes.

1910.02.05 - Subscribing For Highway Generously
February 5, 1910 State (published as THE DAILY RECORD.) Columbia, South Carolina Page 1

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