Celebrative Spring Motor Run Planned

Lower Part of Capital Route Will Be Ready


Local Promoters of Highway Project Much Interested In Proposed Trip.

The announcement was made at the monthly meeting of the Chamber of Commerce last night that the completion of 250 miles of the Capital Highwaywill be celbrated in the spring by an automobile run from Columbia or August to Pinehurst. This statement was made by Frank Weldon, secretary of Highway association. He stated that the short links in this State on which the various counties are working will be finished within 60 days. Kershaw county is now working within sight of the Richland line. Mr. Weldon said that he went over the Two-Notch road to Camden last week, and that Supervisor West is building and excellent road. There has been a hitch about the improvement of the road through Blaney, but the secretary was assured in Camden that the Blaney link will be improved.

Supervisor Owens has promised to put a force on the Richland end of the road and complete it to the Kershaw line next month.

Darlington, Chesterfield and Marlborough counties are all winding up their sections.

President Leonard Tufts suggest that the run be held early in April, before the large resort hotels close for the season. He offers to give $100 or more for cups or other prizes to be offered for the run and says he would like to see the run extended to Raleigh or Richmond.

Dr. E. M. Whaley, president of the Columbia Automobile club, is heartily in favor of the run. “I believe we can get eight or ten entries from Columbia,” he said, “maybe more. Camden, Hartsville, Darlington, Cheraw and Rockingham will put in cars. Perhaps Augusta and Savannah will send some. I will enter my car.”

Mr. E. W. Robertson, treasurer of the Highway association, said:

“The run will be a good thing and the more cars we get in, the stronger will be the advertisement for the route and the cities on it. I hope Augusta and Savannah will enter cars, too. Savannah will enter cars, too. Savannah ought to be very much interested in a run to Pinehurst, because this is the route over which the winter motor travel will move to Savannah.”

Mr. G. M. Berry, cashier of the National Loan and Exchange bank, is taking a deep interest in the proposition. “We must work up this run,” he said. “It will be an appropriate way to formally open this end of the Capital Highway and will bring the route to the attention of motorists all over the country. The road authorities all along will have ample time to get the route completed and in good shape. I believe we can get several cars to start from here.”

“I will put in a car, ” said Mr. E. A. Jenkins. “Several owners have told me that they will go in a run to Pinehurst or anywhere up that way. With Camden, Hartsville, Darlington and Cheraw all sending cars, we can make a fine showing and I hope Augusta and Savannah will join. A run stirs up interest and enthusiasm in road improvement and does great good.”

Mr. Weldon has written to Savannah and Augusta in regard to the clubs in those cities participating. Savannah’s club meets this week.

1910.01.25 - Celebrative Spring Motor Run Planned
January 25, 1910 Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD.) Columbia, South Carolina Page 7

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