Reduced Rates To State Fair

All The Railroads Will Make Preparations To Handle Twice As Many People As They Did Last Year.

All of the railroads leading into Columbia have made extensive preparations for handling the people who will visit the State fair this week. The management of the railways have been giving reason to anticipate that the number of people to come to Columbia will be greater than ever before since a State fair was inaugurated here.

Already the people have been pouring into the city by the trainloans. Last night the streets had an animated appearance, being filled with throngs of visitors. The hotel lobbies were full, the restaurants were doing a landoffice business, and but for the fact that the stores were closed, the appearance of Main Street was more like a Saturday evening than the usual quiet of a Sunday evening.

All day Friday and Saturday regular trains and special trains were unloading paraphernalia of the fair’s “midway plaisance.”

The excursion rates on all of the railroads went into effect yesterday, and will continue all the week. Tickets on all roads will be sold to November 6, inclusive, limited to return November 8.

All of the roads have arranged for additional coaches and there will be ample accommodations to provided on every train. On the Southern extra equipment will consist of from seven to ten coaches, while special trains will be operated November 3, 4, 5 and 6 as per the schedule printed in detail elsewhere in The State today.

On the Southern there will be a special train run over the Carolina and North Western road by Chester on Saturday next, but Saturday only. This train will bring passengers through to Columbia and return. This train will arrive at Columbia on “Taft day” at 9:50 AM and leave on the return trip at 6:30 in the evening. The train will be equipped with the coaches and chair cars.

The Southern road has arranged to have an use 115 extra coaches to take care of the fair travel.

In addition to the regular fair train starting from Anderson, the Southern railway will also operate a special fair train from Newberry on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the following schedule:

Leaving Newberry 8:15 AM, Prosperity, 8:40 AM, Pomaria, 9 AM, Peak, 9:13 AM Alston 9:15 AM, arrive Columbia 10:15 AM. Returning leave Columbia 6:30 PM, arrive Newberry 8:20 PM.

It was previously announced that the special would leave Newberry at 7:45 AM, but the schedule has been changed to the above figures.

Practically the same arrangements are made on all the roads. All week from today until Saturday the Seaboard will have extra coaches on trains No. 81, from Hamlet to Columbia and train No. 84, from Columbia to Hamlet. As many extra coaches as may be needed will be added to trains No. 66 from Savannah to Columbia and No. 43 from Columbia to Savannah. These coaches will all be large.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday a special excursion train will be run between Columbia and Hamlet, also between Fairfax and Columbia.

The excursion trains this year are to be run two days longer than last year or any year previous. Heretofore there have been special trains only during two days of the fair. The schedules upon which our special excursion trains are to be operated may be found elsewhere in The State.

All intra-State tickets sold by the railroads have attached a ticket of admission to the fair grounds. The cost of such admission is included in the price of the excursion ticket. From stations outside of South Carolina, the tickets sold will not have an admission coupon attached..

The law requires that the exact fare shall be published from each station on the several lines of railway. The rate from each station is therefore made arbitrary, and the rate is not computer on a percentage basis as formally.

This year special rates are made to apply for military companies and brass bands in uniform. Round-trip tickets will be restricted to continuous passage in each direction, and to be first class, and bear transit limit as published for sale one way tickets. They will be placed on sale October 31 to November 6, inclusive, and will be good returning to leave Columbia up to and including midnight on Monday, November 8. The fares, rules and regulations mention in this connection or separate ones of the Atlantic Coast Line railroad, the Blue Ridge railway, the Charleston and Western Carolina railway, The Columbia, Newberry and Laurens railroad, the Seaboard Air Line railway and the Southern railway. The following named rates will apply for military companies and bans in uniform, in companies of 20 or more on one ticket from points names as follows:

Rock Hill1.70

Under the published rates of the join passenger tariff, excursion fares to Columbia and return will be good from all points in South Carolina: all between and including Charlotte, Asheville, North Carolina, and Augusta and Savannah, Georgia, online parties to the tariff. From all stations within the state of South Carolina the tickets will include coupon for one admission to the fairgrounds. Tickets will be sold for children between five and 12 years of age at half the rate for full fares. From points from which total fares are not shown in the published schedule the fare will be the same as from the next more distant station from which fare is quoted.

The following total fares, which do not include a ticket of admission to the fair grounds, are from points in North Carolina and Georgia respectively;

North Carolina

From –

Arden, via Southern$4.75
Asheville, via Southern5.05
Balfour, via Southern4.45
Belmont, via Charlotte3.35
Bessemer City, via Charlotte3.70
Biltmore, via Southern5.05
Charlotte, via Southern, S. A. L.3.40
Flat Rock, via Southern4.30
Fletcher, via Southern4.75
Gastonia, via Charlotte3.55
Griffin, via Southern3.25
Grover, via Charlotte4.15
Hamlet, via S. A. L3.40
Hendersonville, via Southern4.45
Hillgirt, via Southern4.45
Juneau, via Charlotte3.65
King’s Mountain, via Charlotte3.85
Lilesville, via S. A. L. 3.40
Lowell, via Charlotte3.55
Marshville, via S. A. L.3.40
Matthews, via S. A. L.3.40
Monroe, via S. A. L.3.40
Osborne, via S. A. L3.10
Peachland, via S. A. L3.40
Pee Dee, via S. A. L3.40
Pineville, via Southern3.25
Polkton, via S. A. L.3.40
Rockingham, via S. A. L.3.40
Saluda, via Southern4.15
Skyland, via Southern4.75
Tryon, via Southern3.85
Wadesboro, via S. A. L3.40
Wingate, via S. A. L.3.40
Zirconia, via Southern4.75


Augusta, via Southern or Denmark$2.65
Savannah, S. A. L. or Southern4.45

South Carolina

Abbeville, via Southern or Clinton$3.90
Aiken, via Southern2.85
Alcolu, via A. C. L.2.40
Allendale, via Southern3.00
Alston, via Southern1.50
Anderson, via Belton4.35
Appleton, via Allendale3.15
Bamberg, via Southern2.40
Badham, via Southern3.00
Barnwell, via Denmark2.55
Barnwell, via Southern2.55
Barksdale, via C., W. & W. C.2.15
Barton, via Southern3.15
Bath, via Southern3.00
Batesburg, via Southern1.65
Beaufort, via C. & W. C.4.50
Beldoc, via Allendale3.30
Belton, via Southern4.05
Bennettsville, via A. C. L. 3.90
Bethune, via S. A. L.2.25
Beverly, via Southern4.50
Bishopville, via A. C L. 2.70
Blacksburg, via Spartanburg4.35
Blackstock, via Southern2.25
Blackville, via Southern2.25
Blair, via Southern1.90
Blaney, via S. A. L1.30
Blythewood, via Southern1.25
Boykins, via Southern1.75
Bradley, via Laurens4.20
Branchville, via Southern2.70
Brunson, via C. & W. C.3.15
Calhoun, via Southern4.95
Calhoun Falls, via Clinton4.35
Camden, via S. A. L. Southern1.75
Campbell’s, via Southern4.05
Carlisle, via Southern2.25
Cassatt, via S. A. L.2.05
Catawba Junction, via Southern3.15
Cave, via Southern2.85
Cayce, via Southern.60
Central, via Southern4.80
Chappell, via Southern2.70
Claremont, via Southern1.75
Charleston, via A. C. L. Southern4.60
Cheraw, via A. C. L., S. A. L.3.30
Cherry, via Belton4.85
Chester, via Southern2.55
Clarks Hill, via Laurens5.10
Clearwater, via Southern3.00
Clifton, via Spartanburg3.75
Clinton, via C. N. & L.2.70
Clio, via A. C. L. 4.50
Cold Point, via Laurens3.15
Converse, via Spartanburg3.75
Conway, via A. C. L5.50
Coronac, via Laurens3.60
Cowpens, via Spartanburg3.75
Creston, via A. C. L.2.85
Cumings, via C. & W. C.3.60
Darlington, via A. C. L3.15
Dawkins, via Southern1.75
Denmark, via S. A. L, Southern2.25
Dillon, via A. C. L. 4.05
Donalds, via Southern3.75
Dorchester, via Southern3.45
Duncan, via Spartanburg3.90
Dyson, via Southern2.85
Early Branch, via C & W C3.75
Easley, via Southern4.35
Eastover, via A. C. L1.35
Edgefield, via Southern2.55
Edmund, via Southern1.10
Ehrhardt, via Southern5.40
Elko, via Southern2.40
Ellenton, via Allendale3.90
Elliotts, via A. C. L2.05
Enoree, via Laurens3.30
Estill, via S. A. L. 3.45
Eureka, via Southern2.55
Eutawville, via A. C. L.3.60
Fairfax, via Allendale3.00
Fairfax, via S. A. L3.00
Fair Forest, via Spartanburg3.45
Farman, via Southern3.75
Fechtig, via C & W. C.3.60
Florence, via A. C. L3.15
Fort Mill, via Southern3.45
Fort Motte, via Southern1.60
Fountain Inn, via C & W C3.45
Gadsden, via Southern1.25
Gaffney, via Spartanburg4.20
Garnell, via S. A. L. 3.75
Gaston, via S. A. L.1.20
Gifford, via S. A. L.3.15
Gilbert, via Southern1.35
Golden Grove, via Southern4.05
Goran, via S. A. L.2.40
Graniteville, via Southern2.70
Gray Court, via C. & W. C. 3.30
Greelyville, via A. C. L3.00
Green Pond, via A. C. L4.35
Greenville, via Laurens4.05
Greenville, via Southern4.05
Greenwood, via Clinton3.30
Greenwood, via Laurens3.30
Greenwood, via Southern3.30
Greer, via Southern4.05
Hagood, via Southern1.75
Hampton, via C & W. C3.30
Hardeeville, via Southern4.65
Hartsville, via A. C. L3.60
Hattievile, via Allendale3.60
Heath Spring, via Southern2.55
Hibernia, via Southern1.75
Hickory Grove, via Southern3.75
Hix, via S. A. L.1.95
Hodges, via Southern3.60
Honea Path, via Southern4.05
Inman, via Southern3.90
Jackson, via Allendale4.20
Jamison, via Southern1.95
Johnston, via Southern2.15
Jonesville, via Southern3.00
Kathwood, via Allendale4.20
Kelly, via Southern3.00
Kershaw, via Southern2.40
Kingstree, via A. C. L4.35
Killian, via Southern1.05
Kings Creek, via Southern4.05
Kingville, via Southern1.45
Kline, via Southern2.85
Kollocks, via S. A. L3.45
Ladson, via Southern4.05
Lake City, A. C. L.3.90
Lancaster, via Southern2.85
Landrum, via Southern4.20
Lanes, via A. C. L3.15
Lanford, via Laurens3.30
Langley, via Southern2.85
Latta, via A. C. L.3.90
Laurens, via C. N. & L3.00
Leesville, via Southern1.60
Lena, via Southern3.60
Liberty, via Southern4.05
Lexington, via Southern1.05
Montomrenci, via Southern2.85
Livingston, via S. A. L.1.75
Lockhart, via Southern3.30
Lockhart Junction, via Southern2.85
Monetta, via Southern1.80
Montmorence, via Southern2.85
Moore, via Laurens3.45
Mullins, via A. C. L.4.05
Myers, via S. A. L3.90
Neeces, via S. A. L1.80
Newberry, via C. N. & L, and Southern1.95
New Market, via Southern3.75
Ninety-Six, via Southern3.00
North,via S. A. L. 1.60
Oak Vale, via Southern4.05
Olar, via S. A. L2.65
Old Town, via Southern2.55
Orangeburg via Southern2.15
Orr, via Laurens3.15
Owings, via C & W C3.30
Parksville, via Laurens4.80
Pacolet, via Southern3.15
Park Hill, via Southern2.55
Patrick, via S. A. L.3.00
Peak, via Southern1.50
Pee Dee, via A. C. L3.60
Pelion, via Southern1.35
Pelzer, via Southern4.05
Pendleton, via Belton4.75
Perry, via Southern1.75
Piedmont, via Southern4.05
Plum Branch, via Laurens4.65
Pomona, via Southern1.75
Port Royal, via C & W C4.65
Lugoff, via S. A. L1.75
Luray, via S. A. L3.30
Madison, via Southern5.65
Marion, via A. C. L3.75
Martins, via Allendale3.30
Mauldin, via C & W. C.3.75
Mayesville, via A. C. L2.25
McBee, via S. A. L2.40
McCormick, via Laurens4.50
Middendrof, via S. A. L.2.70
Midway, via Southern2.55
Millett, via Allendale3.45
Modoc, via Laurens4.35
Mock’s Corner, via A. C. L.3.90
Pregnalls, via Southern3.30
Prosperity, via C. N. & L or Southern1.80
Ravenel, via A. C. L5.25
Reevesville, via Southern3.00
Richland, via Southern5.25
Ridge Springs, via Southern1.90
Ridgeville, via Southern3.60
Ridgeway, via Southern1.50
Rock Hill, via Southern3.15
Robbins, via Allendale3.75
Rockton, via Southern1.75
Rosebuck, via Laurens3.45
Rowesville, via Southern2.40
Sally, via Southern1.80
Santue, via Southern2.40
Sato, via Southern2.25
Scotia, via S. A. L3.60
Seigling, via Southern3.00
Seneca, via Belton5.10
Seneca, via Belton5.10
Sharon, via Southern3.60
Sheldon, via C & W. C4.05
Shelton, via Southern2.05
Slevern, via Southern1.95
Silver Street, via Southern2.40
Simpsonville, via C. & W C3.60
Smyrna, Via Southern3.90
Society Hill, via A. C. L3.60
Spartanburg, via Laurens3.45
Spartanburg, via Southern3.45
Springfield, via Southern1.95
St. George, via Southern3.15
St. Matthews, via Southern1.80
St. Stephens, via A. C. L.3.30
Steedman, via Southern1.95
Summerville, via Southern3.90
Sumter, via A C. L1.95
Sumter, Jnc., via Southern1.65
Strother, via Southern1.90
Swanson, via S. A. L1.35
Switzer, via Laurens3.45
Sycamore, via S. A. L2.85
Tarboro, via Southern4.05
Taylor, via Southern4.00
Ten Mile, via Southern4.20
Thicketty, via Spartanburg3.90
Tillman, via Southern4.20
Timmonsville, via A. C. L2.85
Tirzah, via Southern3.30
Trenton, via Southern2.40
Troy, via Laurens4.35
Ulmer, via S. A. L.2.70
Union, via Southern2.70
Valentine, via Southern3.45
Vaucluse, via Southern2.70
Varnville, via C & W C3.30
Verdery, via Laurens4.05
Wagener, via Southern1.80
Walhalla, via Belton5.35
Walterboro, via A. C. L4.65
Ward, via Southern2.05
Warrenville, via Southern2.85
Wateree, via Southern1.60
Waterloo, via Laurens3.30
Wellford, via spartanburg3.75
Whitestone, via Southern3.30
Westminster, via Southern5.35
Weston, via Southern1.10
Westville, via Southern2.15
White Oak, via Southern2.05
Williamston, via Southern4.05
Williston, via Southern2.55
Windsor, via Southern2.70
Winnsboro, via Southern1.80
Woodford, via S. A. L1.50
Woodlawn, via Laurens5.25
Woodruff, via Laurens3.45
Woodward, via Southern2.25
Yemassee, via Allendale3.90
Yemassee, via C & W C3.90
Yemassee, via Fairfax3.90
Yorkville, via Southern3.30
November 1, 1909  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 6903  Page 5

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