Work Which Means Much For Kershaw

Country at Large Will Benefit By Two Notch Road


People Along Route Cooperating Heartily With Camden Promoters of Project, $1,000 Fund Already In Bank.

Camden News.

We believe the future will provide our prediction to be true, when we say that one of the very best pieces of work being done at present for the benefit of the country at large is the good road being constructed from Kershaw to Camden, and which is to be extended from here to Blaney, over the Two-Notch road, to connect with the Richland county road for Columbia. Practically we have said but little recently about good roads, but the good work has been continued right along and within a very short time now the twenty or more miles of road from Camden to Kershaw will have been completed.

One of the most promising as well as prominent features in the construction of this road, and while has operated to keep the work moving steadily on is the hearty and liberal cooperation of the people, commencing right in the town of Kershaw and continuing all along the route. This thing of cooperation is what tells. Without it half the work that has been done would have been done.

Here is an object lesson that speaks volumes. It shows what can be done, and how it can be done. It tells that with the same cooperation and effort given in other sections that has been bestowed on this road, about one hundred and twenty miles of road can be built in a year at comparatively a very small cost to the taxpayers of the country. It reveals the startling fact that if the county at the beginning of its existence has inaugurated such a system of work for the improvement of its roads, every foot of road in the county would long-ago have been a good road and the subject would not today need to receive agitation or consideration. But it is worse than useless to lament the neglect of the past. The thing that is needed, and the thing that will count for something, is to profit by the experience of the present and not let up until the task is completed, that no generation of the future can turn back the pages of history without going further back than this. To learn that the county at the time neglected its duty in the matter of road building.

In this connection it gives us great pleasure to mention that there is now deposited in the bank here $1,000 in cash to be used in the improvement of the road across the river, and besides this, teams have been promised when the work is begun. This is a good beginning and an encouragement for a zealous prosecution of the work on that Road. Let all the people who live along the road, and who will share most largely in its benefits, be ready to aid as much as they can either in cash subscriptions or by furnishing teams to do the hauling. The County will do theirs it will be only a short while until they will have cause to congratulate themselves for the interest they took in their own behalf.

We are sure that it only needs to be added that the business men of Camden are alive to their responsibility and opportunity and will not fail to discharge their duty when the time to do so arrives.

October 25, 1909  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD.)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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