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The Kershaw View.

An effort is being made to annex the Blaney section of this county to Richland county. Already a petition had been presented to the governor, asking for an election to be held on this question. We learn that the reasons given for this action in the desire of the people to obtain better roads and better school facilities; also to get rid of 3 C’s railroad tax and other bonded indebtedness of the county. To get rid of this tax would indeed be a big inducement, but unfortunately such would not be the case – those cut off would still bear their proportionate share of this debt. The proposed territory to be cut off contains 48 miles. It begins at the crossing of McCord’s ferry road, thence in a straight line to about the point of the 8-mile limit from Camden and on striking the Fairfield and Richland corner.

Of course the county seat does not want to lose this territory and the matter was taken up at a meeting of the chamber of commerce on Tuesday afternoon and discussed at some length and it was decided that an effort be made to hold a meeting at Blaney to which a delegation from Camden should be sent to discuss the matter and if possible dissuade the citizens of that territory from taking further action in the matter. – Camden Chronicle.

October 11, 1910  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 4

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