Prohibition Surprise In Kershaw County

It Was Expected That “Drys” Would Win But Their Majority Was More Than Was Expected.

Camden, Aug. 17. (Special) – The long looked for and much talked of election has come and gone. Like twenty other counties in South Carolina Kershaw today voted upon the question of whiskey and at a late hour tonight signs as well as figures points to an overwhelming majority against the sale and manufacture of liquors and wines in Kershaw county. In fact, it seems that the total vote will almost show that the prohibition side has won by as much as three to one, and in consequence of its death the dispensary on Main street is bedecked with crepe, which was placed on the front door this afternoon by some mournful friend. On account of this victory the prohibitionists will celebrate Thursday night, in a very happy and becoming style. It was expected that the dispensary would be voted out, but, as the prohibitionists had formulated plans that were well worked and each man had worked most diligently while the dispensary forces had very little to say and very little work was done by them. The returns so far as follows:

For dispensaryAgainst dispensary
Rabon Cross Road3825
Thaylor’s Hill155
Kirkley’s Store2220
McClain’s Branch158
August 18, 1909  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 7

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