Two-Notch is Shorter and Better

Kershaw Committee Make Careful Observation Both Ways

Supervisor West Will Build

Completion Of Highway Through Richland And Kershaw Counties Now Seems Matter Of Only Short Time

Camden, Aug. 4 (Special) – The committee appointed by the Chamber of Commerce of Camden to travel the old Camden and Two-Notch roads to Columbia and decide which in their opinion shall be the one to be built up, returned from Columbia yesterday afternoon at twenty minutes past six o’clock, via Two-Notch road, having left the the Colonia hotel at twenty minutes past three o’clock, escorted by a half dozen cars containing some of Columbia’s most prominent citizens.

The Camden party were delighted with the magnificent highway that has been constructed in Richland county on the Two-Notch road by Supervisor S. H. Owens and his able assistant, Mr. Andrew Patterson, Jr., and Mr. Patterson was heartily congratulated by the Camden contingent.

The cyclometer reading on the return trip were as follows:

Colonia hotel to county line, 16.8 miles.

Richland line to Quicksand creek, .5 mile.

Quicksand creek to Blaney, 1.3 mile.

Blaney to Whitaker Lane, 7.5 miles.

Whitaker Lane to Lugoff, 1.6 mile.

Lugoff to fork of Wire and Two Notch road, .6 mile.

Fork to Camden, 4.1 miles.

Total distance from Columbia to Camden, by Two-Notch road, 32.4 miles.

Going, the cyclometer showed 33.6 miles, Camden to Columbia, bu the Camden or Wire road.

So that the Two-Notch road is the shorter by 1.2 mile, and by straightening the distance can be decreased.

The Camden party had a most delightful trip over to Columbia, suffering no inconveniences, not even a puncture, and are very enthusiastic over the selection of the Two-Notch road. Road conditions, such as grades, impassable streams and sand stretches, were fully observed, soils were examined, and the differences in cost were fully compared without prejudice on both roads and the committee unanimously agreed that the Two-Notch far excels the old Wire road. The Camden committee is high in its praises of the elegant reception tendered them by the Columbia enthusiasts and were especially grateful to Mr. Conder and his party for good service while Mr. F. M Wooten’s Buick was deep in a creek.

From expression heard from Supervisor West, the question of building the Two-Notch road on Kershaw county’s side will be a matter of only a short time.

August 4, 1909  Columbia Record
(published as THE DAILY RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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