Kershaw’s Committee Appointed

Fine Meeting Held Friday Afternoon At Camden


Supervisor West Has Agreed To Build The Road To Be Selected By Joint Committee From Columbia and Camden.

Camden, July 31. (Special.) – A special meeting for good roads was held at the opera house yesterday at 5 o’clock, following a similar meeting held last Friday by the citizens of Kershaw and Richland counties. Mayor Zemp presided, and, carrying out the resolution of last week’s meeting, appointed the following committees:

Soliciting Committee: Messrs. David Wolfe, W. L. De Pass, M. H. Heyman and James Team, and the following gentlemen are the Committee of Finance from the City of Camden: Messrs. D. R. Williams, W. R. Watkins, W. L. De Pass, M. H. Heyman, David Wolfe, F. M. Zemp, F. M. Wooten, Dr. Jno. W. Corbett and Major S. R. Adams, and a similar committee of West Wateree was appointed to look after the interest of the two towns on the other side of the river, Lugoff and Blaney. That committee will consist of three excellent men and genuine workers, Messrs. James Team, M. B. Rabon and Rev. J. P. Isenhour.

The committees are to be divided into sub-committees.

A genuine and true spirit for a good road to link Columbia and Camden prevailed, and it was the sense of this meeting that immediate attention be give the Two Notch road. Supervisor West, who was present arose and said that if it was the desire to build up the Two Notch road he would give his immediate attention, as it was his desire to do so. Supervisor West is one of the best county supervisors and a more logical road builder can hardly be found; in fact, he was complemented in this meeting for his extreme level-headedness.

Auditor M. B. Rabon offered a motion, which was carried, that the committee from Camden and West Wateree circulate a petition through-out the line of the Two Notch road and ascertain how much assistance, by way of money, teams and labor, will be given to enable Mr. West to construct a good road, and on Monday the committee from the city will start a vigorous campaign. From a large number of splendid offers (real offers) made at this meeting, the success of this canvassing committee is already assured. Dr. Corbett thought there should be no delay in this matter, and suggested that the committees get to work just as quick as they get their coats off.

Mr. David Wolfe though that the road that would do Camden more good would be the Two Notch. When the meeting was held last week which was attended by a good number of representative Columbians, a motion was made by Mr. Witkosky that a committee be appointed each by the chambers of commerce of Camden and Columbia, and that these gentleman, who will be named, meet and go over the Two Notch and Camden roads in company with the Kershaw and Richland supervisors, and then and there ascertain which road will be taken up and worked by Supervisor West and met by Supervisor Owens. Mayor Zemp appointed the following gentlemen to go over the two roads with the committee to be appointed by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce: Messrs. D. R. Williams, F. M. Wooten, M. B. Rabon, F. M. Zemp, W. R. Watkins, M. C. West, Dr. J. W. Corbett and Major S. R. Adams. These gentlemen are to leave Camden Tuesday morning at 5 o’clock and go over the Camden road direct to Columbia and return by way of the Two Notch road. Supervisor West has already instructed Ferryman Williams to be on duty at the river in time Tuesday morning.

That a good and substantial highway between Camden and Columbia will be constructed in the near future is an assured fact, and it was so demonstrated at this afternoon’s meeting. It all goes to show that Camden can always be counted upon to do the right thing.

M. H. H.

July 31, 1909  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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