Blaney Wants That Highway

Citizens Of Kershaw Will Work For Columbia-To-Camden Road.

The citizens of Kershaw county, around Blaney, are very much interested in the fate of the proposed road between Columbia and Camden, according to Rev. J. P. Isenhower, of Blaney, who was in the city today.

After a conference with Supervisor Owens, on whom Mr. Isenhower called today, and other citizens here interested in the project, Mr. Isenhower stated that he would at once on his return take up the matter and circulate a subscription list among his neighbors. He believes that a substantial sum can be secured in this way to build the road from the county line to the river, a distance of about 12 miles or more, through part of this road is in fairly good condition, having already been clayed by the Kershaw authorities.

Blaney is only two miles from the Richland line, and is in the center of a very good territory. Should Supervisor Owens carry the road to the county line, the trade of this section would come to Columbia, unless the road is improved to Camden. Mr. Owens desires to continue the work to the Kershaw line, if the Kershaw supervisor will improve the stretch from the line to Camden, and the Richland supervisor will eventually do this anyhow, but cannot afford to do so at this time unless the road is to go through all the way.

Mr. Owens told Mr. Isenhower that 12 teams, with a driver apiece, and 20 men, could build a mile of sand-clay road a week, and Mr. Isenhower will undertake to secure subscriptions in cash, labor and teams to ensure the road going through the Blaney territory.

Lugoff, another good town on this route, is also very much interested and citizens there are already at work to see what can be done in the section. There are some large farmers living in this territory, or owning plantations thee, to whom the improvement of the road would mean a large saving each year, and they have already signified their willingness to assist in any plan to carry out the project.

The Two-Notch road will be shortened by about two miles in this county before the road force, under Mr. Andrew Patterson, Jr., completes it to the county line, by avoiding grades and railroad crossing, and it is thought that by following the Seaboard grade more closely the route can be considerably shortened in Kershaw also.

July 28, 1909  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 4

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