The Highway to Camden

The joint meeting of Richland and Kershaw citizens in Camden on Friday afternoon did not definitely settle anything about the continuation of the Capital-to-Capital highway through Kershaw county. That meeting had no power to settle anything, except the determination of its participants to organize for results. And that it did.

As Supervisor West of Kershaw very truly said, it takes money to build a good road, and in the absence of any considerable amount of cash in the Kershaw road-building 13 or 14 miles of highway must be found. to that end, as well as to sanely consider the merits and demerits of two routes between Camden and Columbia – the Wire Road and the Two Notch road- the supervisors of the two counties, Owens and West, agreed to meet and pass upon the points and problems, while it was provided that a joint committee of able workers from the two counties should meet with them as assistants, and do organizing work.

That is the status, and it seems to us untimely to consider any other route that cuts out Camden until the committee representing the meeting held from the Wateree to the Richland line, via Lugoff and Blaney. They must be shown the injustice to Camden of leaving the Two Notch road on the Kershaw side impassable and forcing Kershaw people to trade in Columbia because Richland has provided a splendid road.

And after these things have been pointed out, if the people will not see, then Supervisor West must be man enough to do the right thing, for the best interests of the county and the injustice to people on the Two Notch road – who have never had a decent road to Camden – and in justice to Camden.

The offer of aid, in money, labor or teams, from people on the Two Notch road will be heeded by the Kershaw supervisor, and will give him not only needed financial support, but moral support, and a powerful argument for action. Informal tenders have already been made, but in order that pledges should be general and formal, meeting should be held at Blaney and Lugoff – perhaps with barbecue accompaniments – and the matter put in business shape. And then the town of Camden can take formal action in pledging some assistance.

But there must be formal action all along the line, and a time set for beginning work. The bridge over the Wateree will be completed in about five months. The Kershaw link lin the great highway, that will be worth millions of dollars to the South, should be ready when the bridge is open to passengers.

All shoulders to the wheels will get the wagon out of the mudhole. The only question is, are we going to put our shoulders there?

July 26, 1909  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 6805  Page 4

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