Long Motor Race Route

Big Conference Is Planned to Bring Tourist Through Camden and Augusta.

Arrangements were made today at a meeting at the National Loan and Exchange Bank, by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the Local automobile club, for the calling next Monday night at a joint meeting of the auto club, Chamber of Commerce and representatives of the State Good Road association, of a general convention to be held here on June 10 of the cities and counties interested in bringing the New York – Atlanta auto route by Winnsboro, Camden, Columbia and Augusta.

County commissioners, city authorities and other interested along this route will be each written to and urged to attend the convention with a view to starting up a vigorous campaign for this route.

The cities directly interested because they will be on the proposed route are Columbia, Augusta, Aiken, Batesburg, Blaney, Camden, Winnsboro, Darlington, Bishopville, Cheraw, Rockingham, Pinehurst. The cities indirectly interested, but which will receive much benefit by reason of being in touch with proposed route are Richmond, Raleigh, Charleston, St. Augustine and a number of towns in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. It is expected that the convention will be attended by several hundred delegates and great interest and enthusiasm will be shown. Already a number of cities and counties have gotten down to hard work, and several have the money ready for putting their share of the road in proper condition.

May 18, 1909 Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD)
Columbia, South Carolina Page 1

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