Washington-Atlanta Roadway

Mr. Whaley and his club are most interested right now, however, in getting in touch with the project for an automobile road from Washington to Florida by Columbia. To put this through a company has been organized with a capital of $10,000, with the privilege of increasing to $100,000. The purpose is to work in with county and township commissioners and help out where the local authorities are unable to move, such as in the case of Kershaw county. The local authorities have raised $2,000 by subscription to help out the project in this vicinity, and President Whaley thinks a good place to spend most of this would be just beyond Blaney on the way from here to Camden. The present Washington-Florida project looks to a road through Charlotte by Columbia and Augusta, but the local authorities are trying to get the line diverted from Winnsboro so as to take in Camden as well as Columbia.

1909.04.24 - Washington Atlanta Roadway
April 24, 1909 Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD)
Columbia, South Carolina Page 1

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