Blaney Has Become An Important Town

Charter Just Issued – Intendant and Wardens Elected –  Place in Good Farming Section.

Special to The State.

Blaney, Jan. 25. – Yesterday the town of Blaney was put on the list of incorporated towns of South Carolina. The charter was issued by the secretary of state as a result of an election held several days ago.

The following gentlemen were elected officers: J. P. Isenhower, intendant; J. B. Cooper, R. W. J. Kennedy, T. M. McCaskill and B. B. Crisp, wardens. They will take the oaths of their respective offices and enter upon the discharge of their duties immediately.

A word or two about the town may not be amiss;

Blaney is a pretty little town, situated on the Seaboard Air Line railway between Camden and Columbia, being 20 miles from Columbia and 13 from Camden. There are 130 inhabitants within the corporate limits and four stores, cotton and cotton seed buyers, etc. There is also a movement on foot at the present time to organize a bank. The town lies on the sandhill ridge that extends from the southern part of Virginia through North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The ridge  at this point, and in fact from Camden to Columbia, is not more than from three to four miles wide. The surrounding country beyond this ridge for miles in all direction is one of the best farming section to be found anywhere. The ridge itself is very productive of peaches, watermelons, etc., being practically the  same soil as that around Ridge Spring and Johnston.

That Blaney is destine to proser and become one of the hustling town of this section of the State is not to be doubted. The natural advantages offered, such as fine farming lands, Distance from other towns and healthfulness unsurpassed by any other locality in the state, make Blaney a place of opportunities, which business men and others will not long fail to recognize.

Besides the natural advantages offered there is a splendid school here that runs nine months with two teachers, and it is understood a third will be added at the commencement of the next term, when it will be made a graded school. there is also a flourishing lodge of Knights of Pythias here, and last but not least, the town is but one-half mile from the great natural curiosity, White pond. It is a beautiful sheet of fresh water covering over 100 acres of ground, lying along the sand hills, without any visible inlet or outlet. the water is perfectly clear and the bottom can be seen at any place.

A survey for a trolley line between Camden and Columbia has recently been made, the proposed route passing White pond. If the project is carried out there is little doubt that the pond will become a pleasure resort.

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January 26, 1908 State Columbia, South Carolina News Article Issue 6168 Page 9

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