Protest Filed Yesterday in Kershaw Election

The McSmyrle Distillery and Friends of Dispensary Seek to Have Election Declared Void.

Special to The State.

Camden, June 25. – The board of election commissioners for Kershaw county met here today for the purpose of canvassing the vote in recent election on the whiskey question and to declare the results.

The boxes of the various precincts were opened and the vote was tabulated but on account of the fact that notice of protest was filed, the result was not officially declared.

Messrs. Thomas J. Kirkland and B. B. Clark, attorneys for the county dispensary board, appeared before the commissioners and petition of citizens was filed in the name of Mr. H. E. Schroder, protesting against the manner of holding the election on the question of dispensary and the John McSmyrle Distilling company filed a petition of a somewhat similar character as to the election on the question of distillery.

The board of commissioners set Monday, July 1, as the date for hearing evidence and argument in the matter. It is expected that Messrs. R. H. Welch and W. Boyd Evans of Columbia, in addition to the local attorneys, will appear in support of the petitions of protest filed. The prohibitionists will likely be represented by attorneys, also, and the fight put up on that day will be doubtless be interesting and more or less “warm.”

The vote shows a majority of 76 against the dispensary and a majority of 81 against the distillery.

By precincts, the vote is as follows;

For SaleAgainst SaleFor Mfg.Against Mfg.
Kirkley’s Store014014
Raley’s Mill249249
Liberty Hill313412
Rabon’s Road14331136
Bethune 29262822
Brewer’s Store0505
Lang’s Mill168168
Shaylor’s Hill71079
Mt. Zion514316

No election was held at Hanging Rock, a small precinct.

The vote on the division of profits stood: For schools, 263; for roads and bridges, 131.

There are 1,565 registered voters in the county and the total vote cast was 575, slightly more than one-third of the total possible registered vote. In the primaries the vote runs up to about 2,000.

June 26, 1907  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 5956  Page 3

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