Fire On The Main Line

Obstructed the Track of the Seaboard Last Night.

There was a fire on the tracks of the Seaboard 15 miles north of Columbia, near Blaney, last night which delayed the northbound passenger train quite a while.

On account of the lack of telegraph or telephone communication with Blaney the facts were hard to obtain last night, but it appears that a forest fire communicated flames to box cars on a siding and that in attempting to shift the cars in order to save other property the main line became blocked.

The passenger train finally got through to Camden.

It was feared last night that the obstruction of the track might delay Gen. Dick and his party, but it is believed that they will arrive on time this morning.

1907.03.25 - Fire on the Main Line.png
March 25, 1907 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina News Article Issue 5864 Page 7

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