Hattie L. Moore Mattox

1877 Hattie L Moore was born on 19 Jul 1877 in South Carolina, USA a child of Thomas Smith Moore and Josephine Mires Moore. 1880 Hattie More was counted in the census on 21 Jun 1880 in Wateree, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA, as a 3-year-old, female, single, white, daughter. Also in the home was her father, Thomas More; her mother Josephine More; and her siblings, … Continue reading Hattie L. Moore Mattox

Overworked Labor in the South.

Springfield Republican. It is not merely in the cotton mills that the unrestricted exploitations of labor goes on in the South. There was an accident on the Seaboard Air Line railroad near Blaney, S. C., some weeks ago, in which four trainmen were killed, and public investigation now shows that the freight train responsible for the accident was manned by a crew of men who … Continue reading Overworked Labor in the South.