Crew Of Freight Train Must Bear The Blame

The Coroner’s Inquest Places Responsibility for Fatal Collision on Seaboard Air Line Last Tuesday.

The coroner’s inquest to ascertain the cause of death of four men killed in the wreck on the Seaboard Air Line, 15 miles from this city, near Blaney, one week ago yesterday, was held  at the undertaking establishment of Funderburk and Matteson yesterday moraing.

The hearing of the testimony consumed most of the morning but nothing further than the facts already published was brought out. The verdict of the jury was; “We find that said A. A. Smeck; A. J. White, H. A. Pattillo and M. C. Watkins came to their deaths in a collison of train No. 66 and extra train No. 658 on the morning of January 30, 1906, on Seaboard Air Line railway, near Blaney, and said collision was caused by carelessness of crew of freight train No. 658.” Signed, Hasell Thomas, foreman; W. E. Lamb, S. J. Barrett, W. H. FitzGibbons, B. D. Williams, O. W. Weathersby, L. S. Richboug, Charles A. Brady, William F. Furtick, N. W. Jones, A. P. Williams, R. F. Martin, S. H. Boyer, B. F. Bailey, J. J. Wheeler, R. F. Martin, Jr.

The surviving members of both crews and a number of other railroad men were examined. Several of the officials of the railroad were present.

No arrest have been made in connection with the affair.

1906.02.07 - Crew Of Freight Train Must Bear The Blame
February 7, 1906 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina News Article Issue 5362 Page [1]

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