Terribly Cut In A Fight

Receives Slash in Arm Eighteen Inches Long and Came Near Bleeding to Death.

C. D. Moody was seriously cut in an affray at Blaney Saturday afternoon and was brought here and plance in the hospital Saturday Night. He was cut a number of times, the most serious being a gash on his left arm 18 inches long, extending from the shoulder to below his elbow. This cut severed on of the large arteries in the arm and Moody lost a large quantity of blood and but for the application of an improvised tourniquet would have bled to death. The surgeon who dressed Moody’s wounds said that this gash was the longest he had ever seen.

Who the assailant of Moody were could not be learned. Blaney is a station on the Seaboard Air Line about 21 miles from Columbia just across the line in Kershaw county.

July 3, 1905  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 5118  Page 8

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